Monday, November 28, 2016

Capturing the beauty of a woman or "Capturing Jessica" by Jane Hardee

Some say that women are the weaker sex I say Michael ain't one of them. She chisels away on her marble block sculpting strong, even fierce women or should I say woman as in one beautiful woman of the curvy well endowed kind? Now don't get me wrong Michael is an artist and her sculptures are getting recognised even outside her Atlanta hometown. There is absolutely nothing sleazy about her work or her thoughts for that matter even if she seems to have a rather one-tracked mind when it comes to the matter of women. 

NO get your mind out of the gutter the sculptures might show women in the nude, but you know even the Greeks did that back in ancient times. Michael is well within the lines of propriety even for a southern bell ... hmm does they come in the lesbian variety ? Well if we take Jane Hardee's word for it they do and if Michael doesn't fit the bill with her well toned body and tools in hand then Jess definitely do. Now who is Jess ? If you ask Michael she'll tell you that Jess is her best friend. She might try to leave it at that but I guess that we know better. There is always more to the BFF than friendship when it comes to romantic lesbian fiction and now I'm getting back to the "one woman" thing as there is really only one woman for Michael and it's Jess. So here we are back at the beginning. 

If you pick up "Capturing Jessica" you'll find a short tale of a "love that never dies" it might be slow in the making and it might require a bit of angst to get from the "best friends" to "lovers" stage but it's lesfic romance so do we ever really question the end? I for one take the "living happily ever after" as a given. What I want is the - preferably - bumpy road to love. Is this road bumpy YES, is it too bumpy ... well I guess that is a matter of taste. I'll tell you that if I hadn't been in polite company I might have been cursing rather loudly at times, and had I had the chance I might have tried to shake Michael once or twice and tell her to speak her mind ... "Can't you see that you are hurting the girl!!" Would have been my words.

I'll leave it up to you to decide if "Capturing Jessica" is where you'll spend your reading time and money. You should know that I was treated to a free copy courtesy of Bold Strokes Books but it was certainly no hardship to spend a few hours in the company of Michael and Jess.

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  1. Dang! Another one for my never-ending list...grrr...thanks so much! ;)