Friday, December 30, 2016

"Courageous Love" by KC Richardson

Love is a feeling, an emotion or perhaps just an awareness you carry within. Love is not a choice or a decision you make. Love cannot be forced or turned away. Love is just there. Love does not need to be recognized or acted upon and love don't take courage as long as you keep the love your feel to yourself.

Courage on the other hand is a quality of mind, a spirit that you act upon and most likely you won't even recognize yourself as courageous, you just do what you have to do. You might "do" it for Love or whatever feeling is your driving force, but you probably won't be "doing" just on account of being courageous.

Well, this might just be my rambling thoughts on love and courage, but you could also contribute it to Frank the woman in the police cruiser who works to make the streets safe even if it's sometimes just a matter of passing of a ticket for a minor traffic offence to someone like Alex the ER nurse who just happens to speed by.

I say it takes courage to work the streets of any city alone, even if you are a member of the police force, but to Frank policing is not a matter of courage it just a way of life. A life that might just pick up a bit if it included someone besides her dog Bella and her friends on the force, and I guess this is why we have lesfic romance, it's there to give a girl someone to hold at night and perhaps with time that someone might turn out to be the love of your life.

So let's assume that Frank gets the chance to date our ER nurse Alex, even if a speeding ticket is not the best way to get a girl's attention, and let's assume that she works her way into her bed and that a steady relationship build on love seems to be in the making, then you tell me what happens when a lump in Alex's breast put the possible promise of forever in a new and much shorter time frame? Does this turn of events raise a question for Frank as to where she wants the relationship to go? Does love leave her with a choice to make ? And what about Alex does she have the courage to trust in love and rely on Frank for support? 

I agree that life gives us choices to make, even if we can't choose to love or not. The choice we have in the face of love is about how or if we act upon those feelings, but putting our trust in love and taking the happy hours as well as the nightmarish ones that's not courageous if you ask me that's.... LOVE.

"Courageous Love" might be promoted as a romantic lesfic but that's assuming that you find the setting of the romance, romantic, and I'm afraid that there is just so much romance to go around if you spend your time focused on surviving. 

Given the theme of the storyline I'm reluctant to recommend it as a romantic read. If you chose to spend your time and your money on "Courageous Love" then do it for the lessons it teaches about the good and the bad choices we make in times of trouble, and rest assured that Frank will come true even if Alex do deal her a bad hand. It is after all lesfic romance.

You should know that I was treated to a free copy courtesy of Bold Strokes Books.

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