Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Wish upon a Butterfly or "Butterfly Wisperer" by Lisa Moreau

You can sum up the complexity of life in the theory of chaos, or you can put it more poetically as in the saying to "Wish upon a Butterfly" or as science likes to put it, "The Butterfly Effect", but really what it all amounts to is the paradox of stability and change. Everything changes and at the same time everything stays the same or almost the same with just that little flapping of the wings of a butterfly to make a difference and maybe that's what makes a wish come true?

But don't take my word for it ! Look up Sophie and see if her whispered wish upon a butterfly amounts to more than just a pair of flapping wings of her favourite monarch. Not that the monarchs are not amazing enough on their own, all 7.000 of them in the butterfly sanctuary of which Sophie is the keeper, but even a wildlife enthusiast like Sophie wants more in life than watching the caterpillars turn to butterflies, she wants to find her soul mate.

Now soul mates are something quite different from butterflies that withers and turn to dust at the end of a season. Soul mates last a lifetime if I'm not mistaken, and Sophie found her soul mate at an early age, only to lose track of her in the maelstrom of life. So I say those butterflies better go look for Jordan, the girl who ran off with Sophie's heart, if they want to prove their ability to make wishes come true.

Will they succeed ...the butterflies? Do you really need to ask, it is after all romantic lesfic, but don't worry Jordan is no pushover, she carries her own baggage of family life gone wrong, that will make her hold back on love, even if it's really hers for the asking.

If you ask the writer Lisa Moreau, this is really Jordan's story to tell, so if you want to meet Sophie and her butterflies you've got to tag along as Jordan leaves her fashionable life among the jet set of Beverly Hills behind and reacquaint herself with small town Monarch and Sophie. If you chose to go down this road do it for the butterflies they are awesome and keeping them safe seems to be a meaningful way of spending your life .... who knows what powers they possess!

I'll leave it up to you to decide whether "Butterfly Whisperer" is where you'll spend your money. You should know that I was treated to a free copy courtesy of Bold Strokes Books.

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