Saturday, January 28, 2017

"Dark Horse" by A.L. Brooks

You can live in darkness content to just be or You can reach out, take a chance and change the course of your life. What you reach for, which chances you take and how you life change, that's a matter of .... chance? Well, perhaps not purely but to the extent that You can't plan the outcome and get exactly what you want. Perhaps that's what makes life interesting? or just daunting?

Sadie didn't plan to be shipped off to live with her grandmother at age seventeen, cut off from family and friends, but she did take the chance to make the most of these new circumstances in life. 

Some might just let bygones be bygones and forget about unhappy times, but sometimes the question WHY needs an answer, and when it comes to family you can't leave the question hanging forever. Which is why we find Sadie taking a chance on getting an answer to the defining question of her life by returning home to visit with her mother. 

Sometimes one thing leads to another and that is also true for Sadie. Spending time alone might be nice if you have a lot to ponder, but if those thoughts are dark and worrisome, it's nice to see a  friendly face and have your mind taken somewhere else. Holly is just the woman to do that - friendly, good looking and conveniently close by as she man the reception at Sadie's hotel during daytime. Which leaves her free for a run, a meal or a beer at night! Ups, probably forgot to say that Sadie's hotel is well not HER hotel - guess you knew that - but rather Holly's parents hotel and Sadies temporary home, while back in her home town, and yes that do leave Sadie and Holly open to a bit of family intervention into a butting relationship!

That's all I'm going to say about Holly and Sadie. This is after all a romantic lesfic so I guess that you know what happens next ... a bit of getting to know each other, a bit of "she loves me ,she loves me not" and some mind blowing ... well you know what. I get the impression that A.L.Brooks might have tried her hand at erotica ? As we do get to share a fair bit of bedroom action.

The romance is fast moving and perhaps a little too fast for my taste. I'm not the "instant attraction" kind of romance reader, but each to her own, so if this is your thing, you might want to look up "Dark Horse" and see if Holly will change the course of her life to give love a chance.

You should know that I was treated to a free copy of "Dark Horse" courtesy of Ylva Publishing and A.L.Brooks.

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