Saturday, January 07, 2017

In the dark all cats are grey or "Night Voice" by CF Frizzell

"In the dark all cats are grey" they say, but are you sure that you can't tell one from the other? The anonymity of the night or the web might hide our identity and physical appearance, but the distinct tone of voice on a blog or the slight timbre of a voice on the radio can be perceived as an individual quality that distinguish one person from another, and Sables voice might just be the one you could tell apart from any other voice. Well, I guess that requires you to be one of the numerous Provincetown women who tune into "Nightlight" and listen to the radio talk show, but most of all to Sable the elusive and anonymous confidante of women in the night. 

The anonymity of the night is a safe place as long as you don't take your relationships into the real world. One might ask why that is. Why does the anonymity equals a safe haven, a place to refurbish with a new personality or perhaps just emphasize different parts of your character. To Sable the answer is straight forward, she likes to mingle with women on the air because it's safe, no strings attached, least of all the stings that require you to look into your heart and find room for a new love where an old love lingers.

This is where I have to introduce Riley the softest of soft butch women in Provincetown, and for those of you who have an affinity for "woman with a tool belt" let it be known that Riley is a "Jack of all traits" able to save a damsel in a snowbank of distress at 4 o'clock in the morning with a smile and run a successful business doing odd repairs at all times of the day or night, and that's how they meet, Sable and Riley, in the anonymity of the winter night and on air.

I'll leave it to CF Frizzell to get the two women and their multitude of persona's to actually meet up and put in some quality time getting to know each other in broad daylight. It's sufficient to say that they take their time building the intimacy that are the foundation of the first kiss and those to come.

I say that venturing out into the night with Sable and Riley is an enjoyable ride not least of all because Fizzell has the pen that can create the intimacy needed to make a romance ring true. This is not something that every published lesfic romance writer masters, which I for one find quite odd!

I'll leave it up to you to decide if "Night Voice" is where you'll spend your reading time and money. You should know that I was treated to a free copy of curtsy of Bold Strokes Books.

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