Saturday, April 29, 2017

"Between the Lines" by KD Williamson

Do You know the feeling ? Something is a bit or perhaps a lot "off" but You can't quit put a finger on "it" or perhaps you see clearly what's "wrong", but you wonder if it's really the cause or just the effect you see.

The women with "white coats, warm hands and wondrous hearts" in our lesfic medical romance are usually quite good at sorting through cause and effect. I guess that's what made them doctors after all? But no matter how good you are at sorting out other people's troubles, it's usually so much harder to see your own life clearly. What stands out, when you focus on the problems of a patient or friend, become blurry when you look at yourself.

When life gets blurry adjust your focus, sort through cause and effect or perhaps just "read" between the lines!

I know it's not so easy to get started on this reading "between lines" thing when we try to adjust the focus on our own lives, so why not tag along as Tonya - our psychiatrist par excellence - by chance starts to look closer at her own life ?

If you venture out with KD Williamson and look up Tonya, you'll probably agree with me that it's not a spur-of-the-moment thing that made Tonya a psychiatrist. Her life story seems to have left her with a good start on this career in life as she has spent a good part of her childhood caring for her mentally ill mother and a like part of her adult life keeping her aging, bigot father and unfocused sister in the good life at least financially. Caring for others is very much the focus of Tonya's life, so much so that it has left her with little wish to pursue her own happiness.

You might ask how, what or perhaps rather whom makes the kind of difference that changes Tonya's focus in life? The answer could be Haley, a youngish rookie police officer with a habit of wearing fun T-shirts, playing video games and eating cereal..... yeah yeah I know I left out her womanising, no-realtionship kind of attitude and I guess that kind of explains why meeting Haley is not enough to change Tonya's focus.

So what did. Well, it could be her psychotherapy sessions with Dr. Finn, her good friend Stephanie pushing for an openness in their relationship or perhaps her sister finally owns up and help change the family dynamics. Somehow all of the above probably does chip in but I'll let you know that there is also a little drama involved and a hole lot of telephone calls and .... well, what ever constitutes the building of a romantic relationship, it is after all lesfic!

I think I'll leave you to explore the story of Tonya and Haley and the way they meet and come to change the focus of each others lives on your own, it is after all KD Williamson's story to tell. You might ask if it's a romantic one ? I'll say all the bits and pieces are there and a lot of readers seem to find the story satisfying their romantic bone, but it didn't quite touch mine.

You should know that I was treated to a free copy of "Between the Lines" by Ylva publishing.

If you are so inclined you could look up the women with "white coats, warm hands and wondrous hearts" in our lesfic medical romances from the world of fanfiction - look up Listmania

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