Tuesday, August 17, 2010

"The Khimairal Ink" and "Read These Lips" - e-periodicals

There are lots of places to go for on-line lesfic whether its fan fiction or original fiction you are looking for.

As you must have guessed by now my favourite fiction sites is “The Athenaeum” for its vast number of writers and stories. I think that “The Athenaeum” hosts or link to over 1.500 hundred writers and 6 – 7.000 stories. That’s rather impressive in my opinion, but then again I really don’t now the volume of other sites. I’m also rather fond of “The Academy of Bards” with a likewise large archive. As an extra feature The Academy sets up reoccurring challenges that encourage well-loved writes to post new fic’s and prompt new writers to share their stories.

If you follow the updates on “Uber Ect” you can find a number of other sites that are posting new stories. The “Uber Ect” is a good place to go, if you don’t want to spend time checking for new updates on a number of different sites – the nice ladies at “Uber Ect” do that for you EVERY DAY!

Should you grow tired of the rather indiscriminate posting on some websites you might want to check out a couple of e-periodicals that features shorter lesfic - “The Khimairal Ink” and “Read These Lips”.

If you go through the list of writers that have contributed to either of these periodicals you’ll find among other a number of well-known names from the lesfic universe.

I just browsed trough “The Khimairal Ink” Volume 6, number 2 (April 2010) and found that R. G. Emanuelle’s story “A Light for Revelation” was rather entertaining – and no it’s not erotica or on the theme of woman pirates even if it seems that this is the line of writing and editing that R.G. Emanuelle has pursued recently. It’s a story of the choices we make and the consequences that we have to come to terms with.

“The Khimairal Ink” Volume 5, number 3 (July 2009) features a story by Andi Marquette that I found catching, it’s titled “Cookies”. You might know Andi Marquette as Jarling has written a review of her story “The Kindness of Strangers” in an earlier post. I guess that you could say that “Cookies” is also on the theme of choices and consequences this time the not so well thought through kind of choices and the feeling of “walking on thin ice” you might get while you wait for the consequence of what you did.

Anyway both “The Khimairal Ink” and “Read These Lips” have a number of well-written short stories with a lesfic theme. From my browsing through some of the stories I gather that there is a romantic twist to most of the fic's.

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