Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Crystal's Heart by B L Miller

(Unknown photographer)
I know we are way past Valentines Day by now, but maybe some of you are still musing on chocolates and looking at a gorgeous bouquet of flowers from you lover, partner or perhaps from someone who wants to be more than just friends! 

Ok, ok I know I'm not a writer of romance novels so I should probably just leave Valentines alone. Should you want to dive into a romantic Valentines story  you can look through the specials at The Royal Academy of Bards - there is plenty to choose from.

If you are happy to leave Valentine behind - follow me while I go visit with Laura and her room mate from hell. 

Laura is a writer of lesfic mystery novels and at the moment she is struggling with writers block. The story she is working on is not moving along as planed and her deadline is getting closer. On top of everything a friend dumps the stripper Crystal on her doorstep as her new room mate. This might not have been a bad thing as Crystal is nice to look at! Buuuut if you are a neurotic neat freak like Laura, a beer drinking pothead, who can not fold the newspaper right and who leaves the bathroom in a mess, is not exactly who you want to share your home with.

As you might have guessed the ladies do get past their differences, but this is by no means an easy journey - especially for Crystal who travels with a heavy baggage from an abusive childhood. Which  explains some of her habits and the nightmares that haunt her at night.

If you are alright with a slow moving romance based on an "opposites attract" theme, this might be a story for you. Among BL Millers pieces this is my favourite as  the storyline and characters is really catching. 

For once we are even spared the usual lesfic angst! It is really not needed as the story has a broader perspective than the romance. It's a positive story of a survivor - even if it does give the impression that the process of healing after yearlong abuse can be done in a short span of time.

Should the theme of childhood abuse not be one you want to look closer at tonight maybe you can just enjoy the view of the field of what I deem to be lavender - if nothing else it fits with the color theme here at The Corner ;-)


  1. I'm really enjoying your blog. Keep up the good work.

  2. Whoever is the genius who took that photo?

  3. Oops... my fault posting anonymously. Sorry!

  4. Sigh... and then the comment got attached to the wrong article. Maybe I should get some sleep. Anyway, I love the style of your site, kind of personal. Keep it up, please!

  5. Hi Joan,

    Confused ? Me too - if you asked about the field of lavender photo - I have no idea! I found it somewhere on the web.

    See you around.


  6. Thank you for highlighting BL Millers stories. They were the first Lesbian romances that I read and I've been an avid reader since. One of my favorites is Accidental Love. A bit contrived and the outcome is expected, but lovely regardless.

    Thank you for your reviews. I check almost daily for update.

  7. The BL Millers stories were among my first on line lesfic reads too ;-) and Accidental Love was a favourite of mine for quite a while.

    After rereading "Accidental Love", "Graceful Waters" and "Crystal's Heart" recently I found that "Crystal's Heart" have taken over as "favourite BL Miller fic". Probably because I found the storyline to have a bit more of a natural flow to it.

    Anyway - nice to know that you find it worth your time to look for updates at The Corner!