Monday, February 07, 2011

Graceful Waters by B L Miller and Verda Foster

Grab a couple of earplugs and follow me up to The Sapling Hill Rehabilitation Facility the all-girls boot camp where the 17 years old Grace is going to spend the next 5 month getting a last chance to turn her life around.

The earplugs? Well if you are going to spend more than 10 minutes with the girls and their shouting instructors you are going to need them, but you better listen carefully to all the shouting or you will no doubt have to DROP AND GIVE ME TEN - push ups that is - for disobeying an order.

Instructor Carey runs a tight camp and not a lot is left for the girls to decide on their own, they follow a gruelling daily schedule of classes, exercises and mentoring sessions aimed at giving them an alternative to drugs, teenage pregnancies, crime .... a life at the bottom of the pit.

Is this a successful recipe to turn around a teenage life ? Do we become better people if we get shackled, gaged, shouted at or ordered around ? I do not know, but somehow I doubt it. Fortunately Instructor Carey is more than a shouting monster. She is a woman with a heart and able to do more than just discipline the wayward teen. Carey will give the guidance, love and support needed to straighten out the girl Grace, who is on edge with the world.

If you wonder where to look for the romance do not worry you will find it. You just have to have patience - and a lot of it - like Grace.

“Graceful Waters” has a well developed storyline, and a couple of well fleshed out characters that will help keep you entertained - if you do not mind all the shouting, the rules and discipline that is.

This is a work from the pen of B.L.Miller and Verda Foster. Unfortunately it’s not readily available on line any more as B.L.Miller chose to take the story off line due to plagiarism as in people posting the story under their own names on line! I do not understand why anyone would want to do that, but that is probably due to my lack of imagination.

Anyway I included a link to the story through the Wayback Machine, but you never now if that link will be working in the long run. The story was published by Intaligo Publications in 2004 and Amazon still has it in stock.

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  1. Just figured I'd mention on here as an update... all chapters worked for me except for the VERY last one (of course). However, I went further back on the Wayback Machine, and was able to get it. It seems like the older version may be a bit different, but it was good enough that I didn't pull my hair out wondering how the story ended!