Saturday, February 05, 2011

Ramble - a walk through the jungle ..... of sites

If you have some time on your hand you could join me for an on line ramble. As you are not required to do much more than following links do not bother to changes into your hiking boots, feel free to keep on your heels or whatever footwear you fancy!

My first choice for a pit stop is not too far from home, but then again it does have a different touch. A review site featuring audio discussions on fan fiction/lesfic, and no - it's not boring - it just takes a bit more time to listen to a review than just browsing through a text. Bring over your favourite drink and take a seat when "Cocktail Hour" goes on air - you can podcast the shows.

If you are willing to put down your money for a published lesfic, but needs a guide to which one to choose, you could follow the link to "Lesbian Fiction Reviews". A site with well written reviews. You will recognize several of the authors reviewed from your readings in the fan fiction universe.

If you want to venture down memory lane you can look up a few graveyard review sites with a preference for Xena classic / uber fan fiction. "Lunacy's Fan Fiction Reviews" has an enormous number of reviews, but not all the stories have working links. The same goes for "Cee's Fan Fiction Reviews", but you will be able to find several of the stories through the archives "The Royal Academy of Bards", "The Athenaeum" and "Ausxip" or you can try the Internet Archive's "Wayback Machine". This beta version of the Wayback Machine is faster working and more reliable than the current version on the archive's homepage. If you need a guide to The Wayback Machine visit the page "Tools of the Trade" above this ramble. 

When you are ready to try something slightly different, but not too far from your lesfic themed reading, proceed to "The Lesbrary". The most regular and prominent feature at this site is a weekly round up of links to any conceivable on line posting relative to lesbian themed reading. The site also sports a long list of links to book related sites. You can easily spend a few hours following up on you lesfic reading through the posts and links available at the site.

Should you need to stretch your legs again then hop along to "AfterEllen" this site is dedicated to anything with a lesbian or bisexual theme in pop culture, like entertainment, movies, books, music etc.  The book reviews are hidden under the Music tap - do not ask me why. The books reviewed are mostly general fiction with a lesfic or bisexual reference point. 

Any hike I ever went on happened to detour at some point this one is no different. So come along when I go for a visit at "Eye Bags". You really need to take an interest in opera to keep up with this site or be a fan of Anik LaChev - the author of "Campus".

While we are on the theme of author sites lets go visit with Fletcher DeLancey at "Oregon Expat" which is a quit different thing, but I urge you to explore the site on your own time, it's fascinating and  have great pictures, just like "The Big Picture", but now I'm really out on a limp.  If you take an interest in gay marriage you could look in on the process of getting a Canadian gay marriage recognized in Portugal. I'm not off the page here as this is posted by Fletcher on her site.

For those of you who might not be acquainted with Fletcher DeLancey, I will just mention that she is known for her Star Trek fan fic's which is not my ballgame, but I find her short original/uber stories well worth reading. Especially "Mac vs. PC" which by the way got me on the road towards buying a Mac, and if you are new to the Mac world like me you might like "Mac.ApStorm" - ok stop shouting, I will get right back on track now.

On our way back let's stop in on "Women and Words" it's a blog posting on the process of writing  lesfic with daily posts from Andy Marquette, Clifford Henderson, Georgia Beers, Jove Belle and Sandra Barret. Sometimes you will find quite a lively discussion at the site. It seems that Andy is the one keeping "Women and Words" together so why not mention two good stories by her pen ? "Road Trip" which has a nice twist at the end and "Cookies" published in Khimairal Ink Volume 5, number 3, but I think I have mentioned these stories before.

For those of you who are getting sore feet do not worry, we are almost back where we started, but let's just take one small detour before heading in. I stumbled on the euroOut site the other day so it's really new to me, but I quickly spotted a fellow listmainiack and a cool new e-magazine with news from the European lesbian scene - politics, books, movies, webseries, music.

Finally! We are back where I started out, back with the ladies at "Uber ect" who will keep us posted on any new fic's around the web and the "Fan Fiction Reviews" where I used to post my reviews.

I suppose that you know that you can follow the news on the sites you like through feeds ? This saves you time, as you do not have to crawl through all you fav's to look for new posts.

I probably missed a lot of interesting sites! Please give me and your fellow readers a shout if you have found something interesting to follow.

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