Thursday, December 16, 2010

Women Who Went West (WWWW)

Let's say you are late getting home one night, juggling bags of your shopping, car keys, laptop ect. You are stressed out and ready to scream bloody murder at the wife, kids, dog or anyone just looking like they might speak up! You dump the bags, put the "Keep out" sign on the door to the study and sit yourself down to do some work ... well maybe you can persuade yourself that a little down time with a romantic fic is what you need to get back in balance ....before you tackle the mailbox? 

So what kind of fic would you need to get the yourself in balance ? If you want to know what choices you have, you can take a look in "Listmania" .... I think you need ... let me see a couple of ladies, preferably one of them a bit rough - you are after all a bit worked up - the other, well sweet is nice, but maybe it would help your ego if she could also be in some sort of distress, so you could imagine yourself doing a bit of chivalrous rescuing. How about a bullfighting matador and a fair maiden - nah - lets see - how about a fire fighter, no don't want all the coughing from the smoke inhalation the wife will just have an excuse to come looking to see how you are doing with your .... work. Wait I've got it you should look up some of the Women Who Went West.

And it just so happens that Charlie has supplied me with a brand new list of romantic Westerns ! So should you need the taste of gunpowder, the smell of horses, a look at women who lead a life harder than yours - probably not possible considering the day you've had - then try out some of the links below:

The War Between the Hearts - Nann Dunne

New Life - A.K. Naten

Fetchin' Cousin Minnie - B. Soiree

Hellcat Western Series - Barbara Davies

This Is War - BardWoohoo

Blue Fire - C.E. Gray

Renegade - Cheyne

Toward the Sunst - Della Street

Mail-Order Bride - Janice Logan

Sweatwater Saga Series - Mickey Minner

Outlaw - Mythbard

Outlaw II - Mythbard

Tin Star - Nene Adams

Mac's Trail - Powerbab

Dakota Series - Ri

Until There Was You - Ri
Before Our Journey's Through - Simahoyo

Rescue My Heart - StarWarrior (Rie)

Northern Peace and Perils - Wolfdragon

I've only read a few of these stories as Westerns aren't really my genre, but if this is your taste in fic's then you might have fun with one of the stories that Charlie listed. If that's the case then go go go ride into the sunset!

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  1. I love these stories.Westerns are my favorite stories.