Sunday, December 19, 2010

An Elf for the New Year by BluDreamscape

Take a Mall, a couple of hundred children waiting to meet Santa Clause, an elf, a pair of green tights, a bit of chivalry and a blond. Stir once, shake twice and pour the concoction - remember to sip slowly and let the taste tickle your taste buds.

Can you imagine anything worse than the parking lot at the local Shopping Mall five days before Christmas ? Can you imagine how you’ll be feeling after circling for a parking space for half an hour only to have “your” space stolen by a little green beetle? If you are anything like Kay you’ll be honking your horn even if the “thief” is Ms. Santa Claus.

Kay is home for Christmas visiting with her family and taking a break from her touring of clubs with her stand-up comedy act, and Ms. Santa Claus is taking a break from her day job in accounting putting together a charity act at the Mall.

I won’t try to explain how it happens, but Kay will end up entertaining children in an elf costume at the Mall for hours to help out Ms. Santa or rather Julie as she is called, when she isn’t acting in the Ms. Santa costume.

The meeting of Kay and Julie at the Mall is an entertaining and funny, skill fully crafted episode in the storyline - I would read the story just for this part. From this first meeting the story of Kay and Julie will turn into a bit more of a standard short romantic storyline with the usual bump on the road towards the kiss and make up scene, but absolutely worth a read.

If you need a bit of a smile to lighten the dark nights of December or just a little something to trickle your Christmas spirit then join Kay and Julie as they help children meet Santa Claus and while they work on the possibility of finding a Christmas romance for them self.

Should you be in the mood for a visit to Santa’s Workshop you might take in some “Simple Pleasures” with D.

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