Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Women Dressed as ... Sorry not my list

Sometimes even an avid F/F Fan Fiction reader must rest her head .... so while I was sleeping someone popped in at The Athemaeum Forum and put together a list of fic's that some of you might find interesting.

Some dress up for parties, some dress for work ... I guess how you dress really depends on whether you believe that "Clothes Make the Man" ...  if you ponder this question maybe one or two of these fics will help you find the answer You are looking for...... ;-)
  • Backwards to Oregon by Jae
  • Flight from Chador by Sigrid Brunel
  • Hidden Truths by Jae
  • Of Drag Kings and a Warrior Princess by Susan Smith
  • Legende by by Jeannine Allard
  • Passing as Elias by Kate Bloomfield
  • Renegade by Cheyne
  • Sword of the Guardian: A Legend of Ithyria by Merry Shannon
  • Taming the Wolff by Del Robertson
  • The Escape Artist by Judith Katz
  • The Hide and Seek Files by Caeia March
  • The Journey by Anne Cameron
  • The Overlanders by Kathryn Ewers Bundy
  • The Three by Meghan O'Brien
  • The War between the hearts by Nann Dunne
  • The Wolf Ticket by Caro Clarke
  • Trumpet by Jackie Kay
  • Words Heard In Silence by T. Novan & Taylor Rickard(ebook)
  • Firefly by Whitney Hamilton
  • Stepping Up by Kim Pritekel
I've only read a few of these stories as this theme is really not a favourite of mine. If this theme is of interest to you I can recommend the stories marked with * .... you are on your own with the rest of the stories.

I do not clame this list as mine I'm just sharing what I've found on The Athenaeum Forum, but the pictures well ... ok not mine either !


  1. Just found this blog, and I am really enjoying it! I have perused most of these stories now, and have found a few 'keepers'. What is that final photo from? I like it!

    1. The picture is from the tv-miniseries adaptation of Sarah Waters "Tipping The Velvet" staring Rachael Starling as Nan - a male impersonator music hall stars in London in the 1890's ... and yes there is a lesbian love affair too.