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  White Coats, Warm Hands and Wondrous Hearts (Medical Romance)
- Safe Harbour by Radclyffe (Serie)
- Passion's Bright Fury by Radclyffe
- The Ice Princess by Larisa 
- The Blues by Larisa
- Mender of Souls by Larisa
- Jungle Fever by Anik LaChev - REVIEW
- The Heart of the Matter by Cephalgia
- Isabelle by Dee (tissue alert!)
- LA Metropolitan by R Nolan - REVIEW
- The Efficiency Expert by Micah6
- Second Soul and The Road Back Home by Revan
- Hindsight by Lois Kay
- White Coats, Warm Hands and Wondrous Hearts - A list of Medical Romantic Fiction

Women Who Went West  
- Innocent Hearts by Radclyffe
- The Western Chronicles by B L Miller and Verda Foster
- Tumbleweed Fever by LJ Maas - REVIEW
- Backwards to Oregon by Jae A Rooster's Job (sequel)
- After Echoes From a Gun by Geonn Cannon
- Galveston 1990: Swept Away by Texbard (Linda Crist)
- Women Who Went West - A list of Westerns supplied by Charlie

Romance in the World of Sports
- America's Sweetheart  by Catherine Burke (Soccer) - REVIEW
- Game, Set and Match by Ali Vali (Tennis)
- The Player by Weebod (Field Hockey)
- The Deal by M. Ryan (Golf) - REVIEW
- Blue Calm by Larisa (Surfing)
- Until Soon by Indigal (Basketball) - REVIEW
- Fast Break by Mickey Minner and sequel (Basketball) - REVIEW
- Iditarod by D Jordan Redhawk (Dog sledge racing)
- Silver by Nell Stark (Soccer)
- Driven by Susanne Beck and TNovan (Basketball)
- Take Time out by RJ (Basketball)
- The Bet on Madison by Lady D (Basketball) sequels Syd's Choice, Stronger Than Us

Erotica with a Romantic Twist
- Unlimited Sexual Favours by Cephalgia and MJ (Serie) - REVIEW
- Caution: Under Construction by Vertigo - REVIEW
- Angel's Heart and Angel Unchained by Mavis Applewater
- Lessons Learned by Mavis Applewater
- Light in the Dark by Cam Taylor
- Passion's Fool by Kim Pritekel
- The Gift by Meghan O'Brien

Romance with a BDSM-theme
- Dark Side of the Moon by BadSquirrel
- Safe Word by Kim Pritekel
- Shadowland by Radclyffe
- The Kink and How to Work it by Penumbra (Series - look it up here)
- Dangerous Liaison by Aurelia
- Heaven in Her Face or  Into Your Hands by Shadowriter (same story different titles)
- Siren's Call by Shadowriter

Stories from College or University
- Campus by Anik LaChev
- Finding My Way by Mavis Applewater - REVIEW

Stories involving a Farmer or Rancher
- Fenced Fields by Dee (Farmer) - REVIEW
- Harvest by G.E.Brich (Farmer) - REVIEW
- One Two Oh by A.C. Henley (Rancher) -  REVIEW
- Summer of Need by J.W.Heart (Series) (Rancher) - REVIEW
- Old Wounds New Beginnings by Kim Pritekel

And the Winner of the Toaster Oven is ....
- The Road From Kilimanjaro by KG MacGregor - REVIEW
- That Night by Jezabel Writesome
- The Girls next door by Janet Marie
- In The Light of Day by Cheyne (Serie)
- Artist's Dream by Gerri Hill
- Kara's Moon - by Gerri Hill
- Alive Day and A Little Gossip by Geon Cannon
- Majorie Humboldt: A Revelation in Several Parts by Creme Brulee
- Licit Cusp by Weebod
- Twilight by Kim Pritekel
- Crystal's Heart by B. L. Miller
- Accidental Love by B. L. Miller
- Poetry In Motion and When You Dance with the Devil by J. Harley Elmore
- Shaken, Stirred, Strained and further in the series by K.G.MacGregor
- Lost and Found by Kim Pritekel

A Love that never Dies

- Beginnings by Fingersmith (Met as Kids)
- None So Blind by LJ Maas (Met in College)
- Tempus Fugit by Mavis Applewater (Met as Teens)
- New Lovers Lust by KG MacGregor (Met in College)
- The House on Sandstone by KG MacGregor (Met as Teens)
- My Sisters Keeper by Mavis Applewater (Met as Kids)
- Mended Hearts by Alix Stokes (Met as Kids)
- Fenced Fields by Dee (Met as Kids)
- One Two Oh by A. C. Henley (Met as Kids)
- Drifter by D (Met as Kids)
- Wild by Kim Pritekel (Met as Kids)
- Comic Book Life by Zee (Met as Kids)
- Unlimited Sexual Favours by Cephalgia and MJ (Met as Kids)
- Home for the Holidays, I'll be Home for Christmas and sequels by Mavis Applewater (Met as Kids)
- Again by Kim Pritekel (Met in College)
- The Right Thing by SX Meagher (Met as Teens)
- By Request - a list of fics with women who met as kids
- Now and Forever by Janneen Brownell
- If You're Gone by by xenick
- Starry Sky by Bibbit
- Topic of Hunter by Cheyne Curry
- Tomahawk'd by D.S.Bauden
- An Innocent Heart by Heike Freudenmann and G. S. Binkley
- Past is Present by Zee
- First Time by Kim Pritekel
- Outcome by Kim Pritekel

Women who needs a little something to get the creative juices flowing
- IMPOTENT or Maybe not by Gracelan Chase
- Crystals Heart by BL Miller - REVIEW
- Bar Girls by Jules Kurre - REVIEW
- Talking her down by Angelrad- REVIEW

Sorry Cats are everywhere but how about a Dog?
- Cupid by SX Meager and Anne Brisk - REVIEW
- Once by Fingersmith - REVIEW
- Double Trouble by R Nolan (Great Dane) -  REVIEW 
- Puppy Love by Fingersmith

If you want a Business Tycoon or perhaps just a woman in business
- Turning Tides by A.K. Naten
- Adventures of a Super Dyke by Alex Tryst (Series)
- Getting it Right by KG MacGregor
- A million Reasons by Ali Vali
- Business Trip by Lady J
- Murky Waters by Robin Alexander
- Surreal by KG MacGregor

Women in need of a place to call home
- Street Life by J. Zollicoffer - REVIEW
- Street People by Larisa - REVIEW
- Cold by Midget- REVIEW
- Love's Rendition by Tradegy88- REVIEW
- A Saving Solace by DS Bauden REVIEW
- Linger by Minerva- REVIEW
- Piperton by Carrie Carr

Cops and the women they love
- Gun Shy by Lori L. Lake

Going Native
- Drifter by D
- Tiopa Ki Lakota by Redhawk
- The Foundling by Gabgold - REVIEW
- Primal Touch by Amber

To meet your Match on a Blind Date
- Miss-Match by Aurelia A.C.Henley - REVIEW
- Blind Date by Larisa
- Blind Dates and Other Tragedies by Mavis Applewater
- Blind Date by D

Stories with a less than Perfect Protagonist
- Again by Kim Pritekel (Brain tumor)
- True Colours by Karen A. Surtees and PruferBlue (Woman in wheelchair)
- Something I Said by Denic (Turette's) - REVIEW
- Eye of The Beholder by Kim Pritekel (Blind woman)
- Sheridan's Fate by Gun Brooks (Woman in wheelchair)
- Love's Melody Lost by Radclyffe (Blind woman) - REVIEW
- Snap shots by MJ (Blind woman)
- Tomorrow's promise by Radclyffe (Breast cancer) - REVIEW
- Stil Standing by MBInc (Woman in wheelchair)
- Emotional Paralysis (Woman in wheelchair)
- Still Life by Devize (Woman in wheelchair)
- October by Day (Depression)
- Faith by Anj (Woman in wheelchair)
- Misplaced People by Devize (Epilepsy)
- Connecting Hearts by Cephalgia and MJ (Close relative with sclerosis) and sequel
- Play it again Sam / Carly's Sound by Ali Vali (Woman with breast cancer) 
- At First Sight and Seeing You Again For The First Time by Colleeen (Blinde woman)
- Graceful Waters by B L Miller (Breast cancer) 
- Courting Erin by Ambrosia (brain aneurysms)
- For Which The First was Made (SARS virus)

Ms. Santa is coming to Town
- An Elf for The New Year by BluDreamscape - REVIEW
- Simple Pleasures by D
- A Change in Season by JLynn - REVIEW
- The Christmas Tree by JM Dragon - REVIEW
- The Christmas Gift by AnnieSE
- Twelve Days by Colleen
- Little Helper by JM Dragon
- Lee Lee's Diner by S. Lynne
- Wanted for Christmas by JM Dragon (Dragonjuls)

Romance and Tech Stuff all in One
- Mac vs. PC by Fletcher DeLancey
- A Matter of Trust by Radclyffe

Getting High on Cooking Fumes
- Burned Sugar by Damnation
- Critical by Fingersmith
- Cooking on High by Creme Brulee
- Between A Memory and a Dream by L.A.Tucker

A Relationship or Romance with a Difference in Age
- Arbor Vitae by S X Meagher
- A Safe Place by Xenasgrrl
- A Place to Dance by Ali Vali - REVIEW
- Graceful Waters by BL Miller and Verda Foster
- Noemi by Katia N. Ruiz
- Cruch by KG MacGregor
- Revolution by Kim Pritekel and Alexa Hoffman
- Jaeger's by JM Dragon
- Coming Home by Lois Cloarec Hart
- Control by Kim Pritekel
- Graceful Waters by B. L. Miller

A Romance including Women of Colour
- I Wished You Loved Me and I Wished You Loved Me Again by Syro

When Children are part of the Equation
- Comic Book Life by Zee - REVIEW
- Double Trouble by RJ Nolan
- A Rock for Remembrance by Ali Vali  (sequel and another sequel)
- Meanwhile Back at the Ranch by J.W.Heart (sequel to Summer of Need, sequel, another)
- Season of Loss by Boudica X
- Hearts Choice by Lois Kay
- Now and Forever by Janneen Brownell
- Tree Huggers, Children & Broken Decoys ? by Ali Vali
- A List of stories with Children as part of the Equation
- The Very Thought of You by S. Anne Gardner
- Takes Two by Elize
- Double Trouble by R. Nolan
- Out of the Mouth of Babes by Littlespit

The Tribe of The Big Round Bellies or Women With a Pregnant Partner
- Strings Attached by Inyx REVIEW 
- All That Matters by SX Meager
- An Innocent Heart by Heike Freudenmann and G. S. Binkley REVIEW
- Blue Calm by Larisa
- When We Met by B. Soiree and sequel Peril From the Past
- Noemi by Katia Ruiz REVIEW
- A Place To Dance by Ali Vali REVIEW
- America's Sweetheart by Catherine Burke REVIEW
- The Nipple Factory by JL Nicky and Honeybakedham - REVIEW
- Ramble on the tribe of The Big Round Bellies
- Eye of the Beholder by Lois

A romance among Mature Women
- Marjorie Humboldt: A Revelation in Several Parts by Creme Brulee
- Mulligans, Mulligans II: In the Rough, Mulligans III: Teachers Pet  by KG MacGregor (and ...)

"Gone To Soldiers Everyone" or Romance with "Women in Uniform" 
- Requiem by Cheyne (Tissue alert)
- XO by C. Paradee
- Da Nang by Larisa
- Semper Fi by Larisa
- The Ice Princess by Larisa
- Finding Your Heart by Plantesoline
- Blind Date by D
- The Nipple Factory by JL Nicky - REVIEW
- Three Days by Catherine Burke

When Your Heart's on Fire .... Smoke gets in Your Eyes 
- Flames of a Soul by Larisa
- When There is Smoke by AngelRad
- Trial by Fire by Villia Kinell
- The Pocket Watch by Cheyne Curry
- Match Made in Heaven by Robin Alexander
- Lights and Sirens by Jeanine Hoffman
- A list of stories sporting fire fighters and paramedics

Women looking at the World from above
- High Intensity by Bel-Wah
- Rock Me, Rock On, Rock Hard by Rain
- The Road From Kilimanjaro by KG MacGregor

Smile, it is the key that fits the lock of everyone's heart (Romance and humour in a nice mix) 
- The Phantom by Larisa - REVIEW
- Miss-Match by Aurelia and A.C.Henley - REVIEW
- The Light Fantastic by L.A. Tucker - REVIEW
- Kicking and Screaming by Larisa - REVIEW
- Jericho by Ann McMan - REVIEW
- One Two Oh A. C. Henley - REVIEW
- Comic Book Life by Zee - REVIEW
- Drop Zone by Larisa - REVIEW
- Quicksand by Advokate - REVIEW
- The Nipple Factory by JLNicky and Honeybakedham - REVIEW
- Love Bites by K. Alexander - REVIEW
- The Day Lucy Broke Down by Damnation - REVIEW
- Summer of Need by J. W. Heart (Serie) - REVIEW
- Blazing Dreams by Larisa - REVIEW
- The Story of Me by Advocate - REVIEW
- Something I Said by Denic (Turette's) - REVIEW 

Romance behind prison bars 
- Angel's Heart and Angel Unchained by Mavis Applewater
- Redemption, Retribution and Restitution (series) by Susanne Beck (SwordnQuill)
- Prison Grove by Geonn Cannon
- Solitary Love by Lady D

If you are looking for a female carpenter or perhaps a women with a tool belt
- a list matching this theme 
- Lost and Found by Kim Pritkel
- Haunted past by Larisa

We will meet again - a theme on reunion
- The Camp Reunion by Kim Baldwin
- Home for the Holidays and sequels by Mavis Applewater
- Truth or Dare and Blissful Surrender by Mavis Applewater (PWP)d
- Truth or Dare by Meghan O'Brien (PWP)   
- Unbreakable by Blayne Cooper

Women Dressed as Men or Women in disguise
- a list

Romancing the woman of your dreams while playing your hand in politics
- Madam President and First Lady by Blayne Cooper and T. Novan

She belongs to someone else ... or does she?
- Hen Night, Wedding reception, Honeymoon, Divorcee by Artemis Callaghan
- Getting it Right by KG mcGregor
- Second Best by Estillore
- Something so close to love by Artemis Callaghan