Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Light Fantastic by L.A.Tucker

Do you know how much time and hard work it takes to create a golf course?

Well you might not really care as you think of golf courses as an unnecessary evil that uses up valuable resources for no better reason than creating a bit of fun for people with the means to enjoy it. If that is the case then do remember this is just fiction - and good romantic fiction at that.

Let’s go back to square one and maybe you will answer the question now. Do you know how much time and hard work it takes to create a golf course? No ? Then do tag along with Sara as she works the land at her brother Dave’s soon to be golf course. You will either find her on the tractor mowing or beneath it as she works out the latest mechanical problem. Do not worry about gate crashing - Sara usually works alone - the only company she accepts is that of her nephew Nelson and her brother Dave. Anyone else might just set her of on yet another anxiety attach. 

This is classic uber when it is at its best so you might be able to guess what or rather whom might help Sara get over her angst and back in a life of her own? Well it might help if you knew that Sara is a tall, blue eyed beauty. Did you say Chloe ? As in the small green eyed outgoing local drama teacher and librarian ? If you did you are spot on!

Sara is actually a local celebrity as she attended the local High School and College before she went of on a modeling and acting career that made her a household name. After an accident she dropped out of the limelight and disappeared only to resurface at her brother Dave’s house a few years later with a battered face and soul.

Reading this you might think that “The Light Fantastic” is about Sara, but really that is not the case, it is about Chloe and all the things her work as a director of the musical “Oklahoma” at the local High School sets in motion in her life and in the lives of those around her. And things do move along in this story, not always in a straight line - we do after all need bumps in the road to keep us interested - but forward all the same for Sara and Chloe, and for all the subplots acted out by the lovely supporting cast of local characters.

It would be too simplistic to call this a romance as “The Light Fantastic” has a much broader appeal - it’s a general drama with many interesting and well developed characters, it is humor, witty dialog and great entertainment. This is one of the truly great fan fic’s!!

“The Light Fantastic” seem to have been published by Regal Crest back in 2003, but it does not seem to be readily available any more.

If you find Sara and Chloe and their friends entertaining you might want to look up the sequel ”Inside out” or the little Halloween stories “Küssen Des Banditen” and “The Foursome”.  


  1. As the author of this book -- can it be over ten years now that I wrote it? I surely appreciate all the kind words you have shared regarding my story. Thanks very much for reading it, and taking the time to review it and include it in your very entertaining blog. By the way, that 9 hole golf course has expanded into an 18 hole course over the years! Lois aka LA Tucker

  2. And how about the handicap ?

  3. The golf course handicap, or mine? Lois

  4. Your golf handicap ... if you have one that is? ;-)