Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Primal Touch by Amber

(I did wonder what a white tiger looked like - so I went looking!)
Ashley is out to hunt for the white tiger in the wilderness of the Indian jungle, armed with a reputation as one of the best nature and wildlife photographers and her camera. She will go to any length to capture the image of the rare animal.

Beside her ability to shoot remarkable pictures Ashley is a striking blond, green eyed woman - so you might as well start looking around for that tall blue eyed creature who must be lurking around somewhere. She is there, but blends in remarkably well in her tiger like camouflage, and moves through the jungle without leaving a trace as she watches - among other things - the intriguing blond photographer.

Yes you are absolutely right - you have landed yourself in the middle of a modern Tazan or rather Jungle-Jane like story of a western woman having turned into a creature of the jungle, living among and with the wild animals. Our tiger-woman goes by the name of Leandra Thornton, she used to be a poacher, but a run in with a white tiger changed her outlook on life and she has spend the last four years in the jungle, hunting poachers to protect the wildlife. The BIG question is if Leandra will stay in the jungle or if she might be persuaded by a small blond by the name of Ashley to venture back into the real world.

The story is entertaining and well written even if the topic of "Jungle-Jane" might be a bit over the top for me. "Primal Touch" is a light romantic read with a humorous twist and a bit of drama.  The humour is especially profound in the last two parts of the story that takes place after Ashley and Leandra has left the jungle and mix with Ashley's family back home in the US. It's fun to watch Leandra getting back in touch with a modern lifestyle - when was the last time you had to tell you gf "No growling, no snarling, and no destroying the merchandise" before you let her loose in the mall with your credit card?


  1. Very nice story, thanks for calling it to attention. If you like Amber's style, you might also want to look at "Nights of Silk and Sapphire" (Academy of Bards).


  2. Well I think that "Nights of Silk and Sapphire" has a slightly different touch - less focus on the storyline - more on the ... you know what.