Sunday, January 23, 2011

Women in need of a place to call home

This World is not a perfect place sometimes things turn out wrong on the global scales like say a war, global warming, financial crises and the likes, and sometimes life turn real bad on an individual level when someone looses her health, job, family or home. Loosing everything - even a place to call home, somewhere to lay down in safety and sleep, that has to be a really scary thing. 

When you have got nothing left to lose and see no future, no way to get yourself back on track towards a better life, you need a helping hand, and if you have read your fan fiction, you know that someone WILL come along and help you! Never despair! (I know that this is not the case in RL, but lets enjoy the fantasy for just a little while).

If you have been around fan fiction long enough you must have had a run in with a homeless women and her saviour. Several of these fic’s have a soul mate theme - so if that is something you fancy ,please follow me as I go for a ramble through the dark streets of an unknown city looking for a scrappy girl, sleeping on cardboard and stashing her belongings in plastic carrier bags.

Well the first woman I run into are not really scrappy, she is strong and able to fight for herself, but she does need a bit of a helping hand while she waits for her broken leg to heal, and perhaps she also needs a reason to find a way to solve the conflict, that put her out on the streets in the first place. You can look up Q and her “reason” Dr. Taylor Winslow in J. A. Zollicoffer’s “Street Life”, it’s a good read with a mix of romance and drama.

Now lets move downhill a bit. If you favor a mix of drama and romance, and you like the humorous writing style of Larisa, you could look up “Street People”, but do watch out for the traffic or you might get run down by Jocelyn, a social worker who likes to get her hands dirty trying to help homeless people towards a better life. A better and preferable safer life is something that Sammy needs. Living life on the streets of Washington DC is not safe as dirty cops round up street people and make them disappear. Beware nothing is what it seems to be ;-) Everything moves a bit fast in this short story, but  it is ok for a quick read on a lazy afternoon. 

Let’s move along now and see if there are more souls, that needs saving. I think that it’s time we moved out into the “Cold” by Midget, this is where you will find the rich and idle, but do not worry Joanna Holbrook-Sutherland might be the daughter of a Lord and lead what we deem to be a shallow life, but she is persistent when she sets out to find her soul mate - a young vagrant woman she saw in a photograph. And persistence is something that Jo will need if she wants to help Rocky, as Rocky is not really in the mood to be saved, least of all by someone like Jo. The story is an entertaining and well written mix of romance and  drama - even if the soul mate theme is not a favorite of mine. If you want to explore the future of Jo and Rocky look up the sequels “Remember Me” and “Winter Thaw”.

While Rocky was at the bottom of the pit when Jo found her, Grace is hanging on to a scrappy life just above homelessness when she meets Allison, a rich gallery owner who takes an interest in her sketching and commission a portrait. If you do not mind the rater quick and surprising interest Allison takes in Grace you could tag along and see how the painting is going in “Love's Rendition” by Tragedy88. Even if the meeting with Allison could give Grace the chance she needs to get a firmer hold on life, her declining health gets her on a downward spiral that is hard to break if she keeps questioning Allison’s motives for trying to help her - so maybe she should just follow her heart? The story is entertaining enough even if I never really found out why Allison took such an interest in Grace in the first place.

To finish off this list of stories on the topic of women in need of a place to call home, I will just point you in the direction of DS Bauden’s “A Saving Solace” featuring a young woman who has recently pulled herself out of homelessness with a little help from a kind soul - read the review here.

If you are really fond of the theme on homeless women you can look up “Linger” by Minerva it’s different from the stories mentioned above, and it might linger on you mind awhile longer than the easy romances.

Should I have missed out on a good read that fits with the theme above please leave comment.


  1. I wonder if this site would ever have any updates. It would be a shame if we let go of this great site for reading and sharing!!

    1. I have to agree with the above comment it would be a shame to lose this site and it would be great if it was updated I have read most of the stories on here and I would have to recommend any story by larissa they will make you smile no matter how you feel

  2. You are welcome to comment on a post or suggest a "good read" for others to check out. Perhaps Your contributions will help our fellow f/f readers to a good time.

  3. "Huston We have a problem" ... I'm not going to take the site down, but I'm at a loss when it comes to updates on f/f fiction. All the usual places to hunt for fic's are closing down or not updating any more and the newish forums and sites ... well the quality of f/f fic's arn't quite the same. I suggest that You share the fic's you like in the comment sections. If something catches my eye I'll post it on the site or add fic's to Listmania. What else can be done ?? ;-)