Around The Corner

Around and about The Corner

The Corner is a follow up on the blog "Fan Fiction Reviews" which has now been taken down and merged with  Lesbian Fiction Review site at "C-Spot Reviews". A number of reviews at The Corner was first posted at "Fan Fiction Reviews" and today you can also find the reviews at "C-Spot Reviews"

The Corner displays some special features like story rating, and the pages "Top Ten" and "Listmania". Those features was really the reason to put the reviews on a separate blog.

What's around The Corner

The reviews at The Corner centres around original and uber stories with an alternative romantic storyline and perhaps a bit of drama, humour or an erotic twist. The "Fan" part of Fan Fiction is really not in focus at all (!) so if you want to get pointers to the really great classic fan fic's you'll have to look elsewhere.

The stories reviewed are the ones I've found to be worth my reading time maybe you will enjoy them too, but don't take it for granted. What I've found to be a good storyline or a well written tale of love might not catch you interest at all!

Who comes to visit at The Corner

Don't worry your interest in F/F Fan Fiction is guarded by the anonymity of the web, but ..... you do leave at least a small trace behind when you come to visit!

Blogspot has a neat feature that give bits of information on visitors at The Corner, and I'll let you in on some of the statistics - you decide if it's interesting or not!

By December 2012 The Fan Fiction Readers Corner had been online for little over two years and passed the 100.000 page view mark on the counter. And another two years down the line The Fan Fiction Readers Corner has passed the 200.000 mark and then some. What I don't understand is the fact that the number of page views grow even when I leave The Corner on it's own with no new posts ?

Visitors at The Corner originates from places all over the world, not surprisingly most visitors come from English speaking countries like United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, but it seems that there is really no language barriers at all as the statistics disclose that a number of visitors walk around The Corner from all over Europe, South America, and surprising places like Azerbaijan, Bhutan, China, Israel, Japan, Kuwait, Malaysia, Philippines,  Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Suriname, Taiwan and Thailand. Surprising as some of you must be proficient in a quite different alphabet.  

You are all equally welcome at The Corner - I hope that you find what you are looking for!

Is The Corner still an active review site

Well not really .... interests has shifted and the time spend reading online F/F fiction has diminished so you probably won't find a lot of new reviews at The Corner in the near future.

The reviews and the lists posted at the site might still be of value to readers who likes a little guidance in the vast world of online romance of the alternative nature, so I am going to leave the site online for now.