Hook Up!

This is  a collection of links to sites relevant to this blog. 

Hook Up with Friends of the FanFiction Universe
  • The Athenaeum Forum - at this forum you can discuss FanFiction and look for help locating that favourite fic that you just can't find!
  • The C-Spot also has a Forum
  • The Fan Fiction Lounge is a newish forum with a twin ... the YahooGroup Fan Fiction Reviews 
Links to the Fanfiction Universe

  • The Athenaeum - The archive lists 6968 works from 1570 authors, with 626 of those works available in eBook format!
  • The Royal Academy of Bards
  • Ausxip - Australian Xena-site with lots of old classic and uber Xenafic's
  • Uber etc. - Do You want to get your hands on a new f/f FanFic ? If so follow the daily updates on this site that covers a vast number of genre and sites
  • Passion and Perfection - a multi-fandom archive of fan fiction 
  • PDAFiction - The place to go for your F/F FanFiction ready for download 
  • Calli's Creations - Fan Fiction covers and links 
Guides to help you Hook Up with your new favourite fic (Review sites)

  • The Athenaeum - Look up the stories that your fellow Fanfiction readers have rated highly at The Athenaeum or look up the fic's with the most hits on The Athenaeum in 2011
  • C-Spot Review's - Fan Fiction Reveiw site
  • Cocktail Hour - listen in on conversations on Fan Fiction and LesFic in print
  • Cee's Fan Fiction Reviews - a graveyard review site - but a fine guide to great fic's
  • Lunacy's Fan Fiction Reviews - a graveyard review site - but a fine guide to great fic's
  • Good Lesbian Books - a guide to free lesbian fiction online - reviews and links to relevant sites
  • Just About Write - A site for writers and readers of LesFic - this link will take you to the archive of reviews
  • The Lesbery - a review site with a weekly round up of links to reviews from all over the web
Hook Up to World of LesFic in print

  • C-Spot Reviews - reviews of published and non-published Lesbian Fiction 
  • Cocktail Hour - Listen in on conversations on Fan Fiction - You can podcast the shows 
  • Khaimairal Ink - an e-magazine with women-themed short stories by Bedazzled Ink Publishing Company (no longer published but you can read the back issues)
  • Read These Lips - an e-magazine with Lesbian Themed short stories issued yearly 
Graphic online stories
Hook Up with the L-news
All the other stuff you might like
  • Card Carrying Lesbian - everything and anything of life in the Lesbian, bi- or transgender world and beyond
  • Effing Dyke - can't explain this one - just go look its fun
  • Bookish Butch - a Canadian book loving blogging butch
  • My Words - words on love and what lies beyond by a gifted pen
  • Shamim Sarif's blog - Enlightenment Production put together "Can't Think Straight" and the writer and director Sarif blog's on her life with Hanna and their boys
  • Daily Diva - the site of the British lesbian and bi magazine DIVA
  • Woman and Words - a site with blogging lesbian writers run by Andy Marquette