Saturday, January 07, 2017

In the dark all cats are grey or "Night Voice" by CF Frizzell

"In the dark all cats are grey" they say, but are you sure that you can't tell one from the other? The anonymity of the night or the web might hide our identity and physical appearance, but the distinct tone of voice on a blog or the slight timbre of a voice on the radio can be perceived as an individual quality that  distinguish one person from another, and Sables voice might just be the one you could tell apart from any other voice. Well, I guess that requires you to be one of the numerous Provincetown women who tune into "Nightlight" and listen to the radio talk show, but most of all to Sable the elusive and anonymous confidante of women in the night. 

The anonymity of the night is a safe place as long as you don't take your relationships into the real world. One might ask why that is. Why does the anonymity equals a safe haven, a place to refurbish with a new personality or perhaps just emphasize different parts of your character. To Sable the answer is straight forward, she likes to mingle with women on the air because it's safe, no strings attached, least of all the stings that require you to look into your heart and find room for a new love where an old love lingers.

This is where I have to introduce Riley the softest of soft butch women in Provincetown, and for those of you who have an affinity for "woman with a tool belt" let it be known that Riley is a "Jack of all traits" able to save a damsel in a snowbank of distress at 4 o'clock in the morning with a smile and run a successful business doing odd repairs at all times of the day or night, and that's how they meet, Sable and Riley, in the anonymity of the winter night and on air.

I'll leave it to CF Frizzell to get the two women and their multitude of persona's to actually meet up and put in some quality time getting to know each other in broad daylight. It's sufficient to say that they take their time building the intimacy that are the foundation of the first kiss and those to come.

I say that venturing out into the night with Sable and Riley is an enjoyable ride not least of all because Fizzell has the pen that can create the intimacy needed to make a romance between ring true. This is not something that every published lesfic romance writer masters, which I for one find quite odd!

I'll leave it up to you to decide if "Night Voice" is where you'll spend your reading time and money. You should know that I was treated to a free copy of curtsy of Bold Strokes Books.

Monday, January 02, 2017

"Alice and Jean" by Lily Hammond

We are defined by our gender not just in a physical sense, but by the expectations with which we are met coming into this world and by the language used to describe us. This can be a burden, a challenge or just a starting point from where you make your choices in life. 

A mailman, a paperboy or a milkman once a line of traits defined by gender, but today perhaps just a figure of speech? Some might challenge the gender bias of language, but mailwoman, papergirl or milkwoman does it ring true? Well way back when as in 1940'ish New Zealand Jean was not only a woman, she was also the one to deliver Alice her milk every morning and with a smile that is and not just for Tilly, Alice's daughter, but perhaps even with a special one for Alice. 

While Jean's trait might not be frowned upon in 1946, the rumour of her romantic interest in women was not well looked upon in polite company, and if you take into consideration that Alice is a good looking war widow and the single mother of two fatherless children, you might have guessed that pressure will come to bear on Alice to do right by her children and that is definitely not to get intimately involved with the milkman or rather .....Jean.

It's safe to say that while the romantic interest that Alice harbour for our milkman of choice is well received by the woman doing the milk delivery and that a first kiss is not long in the waiting, Alice and Jean has quite a road to travel if they want to spend life doing more than smiling at each other over a pint of milk. The nice part of the journey is the fact that while "Women loving Women" is generally frowned upon, a number of good people will stand up for Alice and Jean when they really need it the most. 

"Alice and Jean" is a well penned historical lesfic with a slight romantic twist and a nice gallery of supporting characters to throw their voices into creating a coherent story line. With "Alice and Jean" we are saved the usual angst of "She Loves me, She Loves me not" and allowed to focus on the road from the "first kiss" to "living happily ever after", which you might find refreshing for a change, but then again angst might just be a defining point of your lesfic interest? I'll leave it up to you to decide if you want to spend your reading time and money with "Alice and Jean", but you could take time out to look up the publisher "Sapphica Books" you might enjoy their pic's.

You should know that I was treated to a free copy courtesy of Sapphica Books.

Friday, December 30, 2016

"Courageous Love" by KC Richardson

Love is a feeling, an emotion or perhaps just an awareness you carry within. Love is not a choice or a decision you make. Love cannot be forced or turned away. Love is just there. Love does not need to be recognized or acted upon and love don't take courage as long as you keep the love your feel to yourself.

Courage on the other hand is a quality of mind, a spirit that you act upon and most likely you won't even recognize yourself as courageous, you just do what you have to do. You might "do" it for Love or whatever feeling is your driving force, but you probably won't be "doing" just on account of being courageous.

Well, this might just be my rambling thoughts on love and courage, but you could also contribute it to Frank the woman in the police cruiser who works to make the streets safe even if it's sometimes just a matter of passing of a ticket for a minor traffic offence to someone like Alex the ER nurse who just happens to speed by.

I say it takes courage to work the streets of any city alone, even if you are a member of the police force, but to Frank policing is not a matter of courage it just a way of life. A life that might just pick up a bit if it included someone besides her dog Bella and her friends on the force, and I guess this is why we have lesfic romance, it's there to give a girl someone to hold at night and perhaps with time that someone might turn out to be the love of your life.

So let's assume that Frank gets the chance to date our ER nurse Alex, even if a speeding ticket is not the best way to get a girl's attention, and let's assume that she works her way into her bed and that a steady relationship build on love seems to be in the making, then you tell me what happens when a lump in Alex's breast put the possible promise of forever in a new and much shorter time frame? Does this turn of events raise a question for Frank as to where she wants the relationship to go? Does love leave her with a choice to make ? And what about Alex does she have the courage to trust in love and rely on Frank for support? 

I agree that life gives us choices to make, even if we can't choose to love or not. The choice we have in the face of love is about how or if we act upon those feelings, but putting our trust in love and taking the happy hours as well as the nightmarish ones that's not courageous if you ask me that's.... LOVE.

"Courageous Love" might be promoted as a romantic lesfic but that's assuming that you find the setting of the romance, romantic, and I'm afraid that there is just so much romance to go around if you spend your time focused on surviving. 

Given the theme of the storyline I'm reluctant to recommend it as a romantic read. If you chose to spend your time and your money on "Courageous Love" then do it for the lessons it teaches about the good and the bad choices we make in times of trouble, and rest assured that Frank will come true even if Alex do deal her a bad hand. It is after all lesfic romance.

You should know that I was treated to a free copy courtesy of Bold Strokes Books.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Wish upon a Butterfly or "Butterfly Wisperer" by Lisa Moreau

You can sum up the complexity of life in the theory of chaos, or you can put it more poetically as in the saying to "Wish upon a Butterfly" or as science likes to put it, "The Butterfly Effect", but really what it all amounts to is the paradox of stability and change. Everything changes and at the same time everything stays the same or almost the same with just that little flapping of the wings of a butterfly to make a difference and maybe that's what makes a wish come true?

But don't take my word for it ! Look up Sophie and see if her whispered wish upon a butterfly amounts to more than just a pair of flapping wings of her favourite monarch. Not that the monarchs are not amazing enough on their own, all 7.000 of them in the butterfly sanctuary of which Sophie is the keeper, but even a wildlife enthusiast like Sophie wants more in life than watching the caterpillars turn to butterflies, she wants to find her soul mate.

Now soul mates are something quite different from butterflies that withers and turn to dust at the end of a season. Soul mates last a lifetime if I'm not mistaken, and Sophie found her soul mate at an early age, only to lose track of her in the maelstrom of life. So I say those butterflies better go look for Jordan, the girl who ran off with Sophie's heart, if they want to prove their ability to make wishes come true.

Will they succeed ...the butterflies? Do you really need to ask, it is after all romantic lesfic, but don't worry Jordan is no pushover, she carries her own baggage of family life gone wrong, that will make her hold back on love, even if it's really hers for the asking.

If you ask the writer Lisa Moreau, this is really Jordan's story to tell, so if you want to meet Sophie and her butterflies you've got to tag along as Jordan leaves her fashionable life among the jet set of Beverly Hills behind and reacquaint herself with small town Monarch and Sophie. If you chose to go down this road do it for the butterflies they are awesome and keeping them safe seems to be a meaningful way of spending your life .... who knows what powers they possess!

I'll leave it up to you to decide whether "Butterfly Whisperer" is where you'll spend your money. You should know that I was treated to a free copy courtesy of Bold Strokes Books.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Love is in the air or "Something in the Wine" by Jae

Love is in the air or maybe it's just "Something in the Wine" whatever it is it's definitely classic lesfic romance as in straight girl realizing that she might not be so straight at all.... when our out lesbian make an entrance on the scene.

This is not a novel concept, but it might just be a winning one if you put it to work with a pair of likeable characters, throw in a bit of angst and hold off on all the usual drama. Let’s see if it works with Drew as the winemaker extraordinaire with her smooth Cabernet, rich Merlot and friendly smile. Well her wine is well liked, but her bed is empty even if the offer of company is never far off with her friend Lynn looking to get the two of them back to relationship level.

Don't worry Drew's not looking to rekindle and old flame, you might say she is not really looking at all, and I know, that you know, that the "not looking" time is the time when you leave yourself the most open to meeting someone new. Watch out! Annie's swinging by with a tray of glasses, if you're not careful you'll end up with a glass of red all over your nice blouse .... Oh, she got you good there Drew ... even if it's almost fitting that you get to "wear" the wine! Oh, sorry I wanted to introduce you to Annie not get you all "red", but ... it's too late she has already left the party!

I guess this is where I tell you about Annie, she is Jakes sister! Well, she is actually so much more than that, but being Jakes sister is how she gets herself tangled up in a date with Drew, and that's just the beginning of the rather long but enjoyable road towards a new beginning for Annie and .... well Drew.  

I might say that "love is in the air with every sight and every sound", but with Jae there is no rush. Annie gets ample time to acquaint herself with the notion that she might be feeling a bit more than friendship for Drew, and I for one find that quit catching. So if romantic lesfic sans drama is your thing, then you might want to spend a few hours with "Something in the Wine". I for one had a really good time.

I'll leave it up to you to decide whether "Something in the Wine" is where you'll spend your money. You should know that I was treated to a free copy courtesy of Ylva Publishing and Jae.  

You should know that this title has been published a few years back and that this is a 2. revised edition.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Mind the Gap or "Rainbow Gap" by Lee Lynch

Mind the gap between real life and fiction! Well, this warning might not really be needed when it comes to the "Rainbow Gap" by Lee Lynch. This is Lesbian themed general fiction by a skilled storyteller creating likeable and lively characters of Florida girls turning into women some some 40 - 50 years ago.

If you appreciate the fact that gender equality and in our time and age, marriage equality is something that was fought for by the nameless numbers of women that came before us, then you might want to look up Berry and Jaudon as they hold hands on the school bus or play in the tree house in the Florida heat long before it ever occurred to them or anyone else to think of two girls as "girlfriends".

The growing up is something we all do. For some it's an easy ride for others growing up takes its toll. Life deals everyone of us a different hand, but no matter what life has in store for Berry and Jaudon they chose to face it together and we get to tag along as they move through life maturing and turning into women in their own right. It's an enjoyable ride getting to experience history as it evolves for the women living it. Some parts seem really backward as in 'can't be real' but that's what time does to our lives. What you and I consider to be real and everyday life will seem strange in the eyes of women 10 or 20 years down the road.

"Rainbow Gap" is a long shot from your romantic short lived Lesfic storyline with it's array of characters and focus on the everyday lives of women way back when, but if you want to know how the rual Florida way of family life, religion and business interweaves with two girls finding a way to be women each in their own right and partners in life, then spending a bit of your reading time at the "Rainbow Gab" is one way of doing that.

I'll leave it up to you to decide whether "Rainbow Gap" is where you'll spend your money. You should know that I was treated to a free copy courtesy of Bold Strokes Books. 

Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Love on hold or "Love on Call" by Radclyffe

If you live a simple life like Winnie The Pooh then life is just a never ending line of today's. Day's spend enjoying the little things in life like the company of a good friend, a wholesome meal or whatever the day brings. Some might be able to live a mindful life like that, but most people need a promise of tomorrow.

If you wonder what it's like living without the promise of tomorrow, then look up Ex-Army medic physician-assistant Glenn in the ER at the Rivers Community Hospital. Marked by the uncertainty of life in a war zone and the loss of countless lives entrusted in her hands on the battlefield you'll find her prowling the ER day and night to help, to... well to take her mind of whatever dream chases her sleep away. Now don't worry Glenn is quite capable and doing a fine job of healing and teaching her talents to her physician-assistant students at the ER but there is more to life than just work and I think Glenn might just have lucked out now that Mari the new physician-assistant has joined her team.

Oh no life is never that easy, even if the attraction might seem to be more than just one sided something or someone are holding the reins of love quit tight you could even say someone is putting love on hold for awhile. I'm not going to tell you who and why, but it's reasonable to assume that it's not a situation making Glenn happy. Will it be resolved .... what do you think it's a romance, it's Radclyffe and Love is on Call, so I say keep calm and read on.

I admit that I have a thing about "medical romance" and Radclyffes writing so remember I'm biased when I say it's ok to venture out with "Love on Call" even if this is definitely not the best Radclyffe romance around. I prefer the stand alone romances with a longish storyline with room to put some flesh on the characters and create a believable timeline for the "falling in love and living happily ever after". "Love on Call" is a little to simple and short to fall in the category of "believable" if you ask me.

If you are new in the business of reading Radclyffe romance's then maybe you should try out "When Dreams Tremble", "Turnback Time" or "Night Call" these are among my favourites.

This is the third book in the Rivers series - the first being "Against Doctor's Orders" and the second "Prescription for Love". If you visited with The Rivers before You'll know of the family history and love lives of the Rivers woman, but I think that you can probably read "Love on call" on its own, it's after all just a simple romantic add on to the The Rivers storyline.

I'll leave it up to you to decide whether "Love on call" is where you'll spend your reading time and money. You should know that I was treated to a free copy courtesy of Bold Strokes Books.

Sunday, December 04, 2016

Bottled up or "Fenced-in Felix" by Cheyenne Blue

Our lives are defined by the choices we make. To some choices might seem fewer or perhaps not much like choices at all but choices are there all the time for us to make. Take Felix her choices in life might have left her feeling fenced in by the daily grind of running her camp ground in the Australian Outback, but still she makes choices every day planning her chores or deciding the way to move forward with her business. Now don't take this to say that Felix is unhappy - she is not - living in the Outback with her horses, trail riding and taking care of campers is the life she wants to live. 

So where does that leave us - the readers - do we sit around and watch Felix fiddle with her horses greeting campers and worrying about money matters? Well if you want to move the story along then look out for Josie the new barmaid in Worrindi a mere 30 minutes drive from the camp grounds. You'll probably find her serving beer and chatting to customers but I guess that's a given as she is after all doing the barmaid thing. Even if Josie’s choices a fewer in life or perhaps just rather basic as in what direction to turn her beat up car securing yet another temporary job, she still has choices to make and very soon you'll see Josie making choices that involves Felix.

No I'm not going to tell you about Josie's choices that'll just leave you with a furrowed brow, we don't want that - this is after all Lesfic romance. So let’s just turn our minds to the chances of finding love in the outback when you - like Felix - prefer the company of another woman. You are quit right chances are slim, so you are right to think that Felix has settled for a life on her own and bottled up her heart. Well that is until Josie comes along .... now the question is whether Felix will follow her heart and put her trust in Josie that is after all one of the hardest choice to make.  

This is standard Lesfic romance of "woman meets woman" mixed with a bit of drama to let us know that even if the ladies are inclined towards each other it's not going to be an easy ride towards a shared sunset. I might be going out on a limb here but to me the story didn't need the drama I could easily take time out just to watch the push and pull of two guarded hearts not used to trust or love. That's probably due to the fact that Cheyenne Blue has a neat pen and the ability to spine a believable romantic tale of everyday life and believe me that's not a given even in lesfic romance! I really did like Cheyenne's writing style. 

I'll leave it up to you to decide whether "Fenced-in Felix" is where you'll spend your reading time and money. You should know that I was treated to a free copy courtesy of Cheyenne Blue/Ylva Publishing.

Should you want to know a bit about the Outback look up this blog post. 

Monday, November 28, 2016

Capturing the beauty of a woman or "Capturing Jessica" by Jane Hardee

Some say that women are the weaker sex I say Michael ain't one of them. She chisels away on her marble block sculpting strong, even fierce women or should I say woman as in one beautiful woman of the curvy well endowed kind? Now don't get me wrong Michael is an artist and her sculptures are getting recognised even outside her Atlanta hometown. There is absolutely nothing sleazy about her work or her thoughts for that matter even if she seems to have a rather one-tracked mind when it comes to the matter of women. 

NO get your mind out of the gutter the sculptures might show women in the nude, but you know even the Greeks did that back in ancient times. Michael is well within the lines of propriety even for a southern bell ... hmm does they come in the lesbian variety ? Well if we take Jane Hardee's word for it they do and if Michael doesn't fit the bill with her well toned body and tools in hand then Jess definitely do. Now who is Jess ? If you ask Michael she'll tell you that Jess is her best friend. She might try to leave it at that but I guess that we know better. There is always more to the BFF than friendship when it comes to romantic lesbian fiction and now I'm getting back to the "one woman" thing as there is really only one woman for Michael and it's Jess. So here we are back at the beginning. 

If you pick up "Capturing Jessica" you'll find a short tale of a "love that never dies" it might be slow in the making and it might require a bit of angst to get from the "best friends" to "lovers" stage but it's lesfic romance so do we ever really question the end? I for one take the "living happily ever after" as a given. What I want is the - preferably - bumpy road to love. Is this road bumpy YES, is it too bumpy ... well I guess that is a matter of taste. I'll tell you that if I hadn't been in polite company I might have been cursing rather loudly at times, and had I had the chance I might have tried to shake Michael once or twice and tell her to speak her mind ... "Can't you see that you are hurting the girl!!" Would have been my words.

I'll leave it up to you to decide if "Capturing Jessica" is where you'll spend your reading time and money. You should know that I was treated to a free copy courtesy of Bold Strokes Books but it was certainly no hardship to spend a few hours in the company of Michael and Jess.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

This made me smile

This video put a smile on my face - can't have too many of those - maybe it'll make you smile too. Who knows ? Ups fiction but no fanfiction this time!