Sunday, April 10, 2016

The best of ....

Some pen's seems to never stop but keep on turn out a never ending stream of fics. Even today in the "dry season" of online Lesfic you can still find Kim Pritekel posting stories with The Academy of Bards when they run their specials for Valentines Day and Halloween. 

You will recognise the formula of LOVE and the steamy exchange of affection when you venture out with Kim Pritekel, but if you take the long way round the writing from this pen you will find quite a number of well written fic's, especially those penned in what I take to be the early days.

It properly won't take You long to catch that the "fan" part of the equation with Kim Pritekel is "feisty blond", "tall and dark" or just the "bluest eyes meeting green" ... we are as often is the case talking Uber Xena fiction.

So if you are game I'll start you out with my favourite Kim Pritekel story "Again"(****). You'll find a little of every romantic theme in this story. A young love lost, a life torn apart by critical illness, a friend that will stand by you through it all and not the least of all a new chance of finding love and LHEA. If you aren't familiar with Kim Pritekel this is not a bad way to meet up for the first time.

When you've overcome the seriousness of a brain surgery with Caden and Laurel in "Again" you might want to go "Bible Thumping"(*). We are still on the issue of a young love lost by the interference of parents not quit happy with a daughter looking to find love with a fair maiden ... 

If you want to go further down the road with Kim Pritekel You'll have to have a stomach for a bad start in life as in child abuse and serious neglect or if we are talking mature women it's "battered wife" and the likes. It's not as if "bad times" take over the storyline, but it's on the other hand often present as the setting and often not just as hint of bad times passed. If you are OK with this premise you might want to spend some time with "Control"(**). Alexa Hofmann helped pen this long and well developed storyline unfolding the lives of Garrison and the girls Keller and Parker, and how they came to be a loving family.

You'll find a similar harsh family situation in a number of stories by Kim Pritekel but if you go for the longer fic's as in "The Long Road Home"(**) this plays in well with the storyline of love "Lost and Found" (**) and the "Outcome"(**) is a given. Alexa Hoffmann also helped pen this last fic which seems to help with the romantic build up and reduce the formalistic steamy affection, but don't worry You'll never be left at the wrong side of the bedroom door when Kim Pritekel is around.

There are more ways than one to get over "Old Wounds" and have a new beginning and with Kim Pritekel we get a lot of different story lines for the same eternal road to love and LHEA. The stories are mostly contemporary and you will find no werewolf's or "Twilight" (**) setting but if you do go out one night to the Ditterman's bridge in Oklahoma you might just for a minute think that You've landed in just such a Twilight zone as Willow in her clown suit dive into the ice cold water after a leather clad figure. Do dive in with her and follow the slow building of friendship, a not so usual family setting and perhaps a looong way down the road .... some love and affection.

If You do want to get up close and REAL personal You probably should have a go at "Safe Word" (*) this is PWP as in "Plot what Plot" but it's written for the 2007 Valentines Day invitational on The Academy so romance is part of the equation even if it starts out as a "no strings attached" party of black clad figures hunting for fresh meat in the shadows of darkness.... Be Safe! Don't get to close to the action unless you know the Safe Word !

A few of the fic's by Kim Pritekel are no longer available at The Academy but if you want to have a look at these you can go back in time with a little help from the "The Waybackmachine" and find working links to "Collector" and "Wild" (-) be warned "Collector" is way past my comfort zone.

I'll leave you with a "Lesson" (**) another extra long fic on the theme of young love that never dies penned by Kim Pritekel and Alexa Hoffman. This is - as a number of stories by this pen - a tale of young love rekindled when girls turn into women. This time you find the story in a college setting and the women joining forces in Psyche 101.

I say You've got a lot of reading on your hands if you want to get yourself acquainted with the pen of Kim Pritekel. Do let me know if you find that one of Kim Pritekel's fic's made their way to your personal "Top 10" ... and while you read on I'll go update "Listmania" and "Top 10s" with a few stories I find missing on my lists.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Top 10s ... this time it's not mine!

 In no particular order .. the recommendations from an Anonymous guest  
  • "Passions Fool" by Kim Pritekel - step back in time to an era of castles, handmaidens, miladies, sword and armour ... and a woman passing as man to secure the safety of her family.
  • "The Dar and Karry stories" a long series by Melissa Goods - a contemporary storyline with a couple of lovely ladies  - so if you like them "tale and dark and blond with a pair of green eyes" this is it Xena and Gabrielle in disguise or Uber I should say. You'll be well entertained if you chose to spend some time in the Dar and Karry universe. 
  • "Denial" by Omega13 ... this story is for those of you who takes your stories long. I should let you know that it's a favourite story for quite a number of readers even if it didn't make my Top 10.  The core of the storyline is an attraction between Celeste and her brothers fiancée Amy so do prepare for a lot of angst ...  
  • "Chance" by Windstar and Zee - An alternative universe fic filled with werewolves and other para normalities - sorry not my style so I haven't checked it out for you
  • "The Fellowship" and sequel "Up In the Air" by K. Darblyne
  • "Clandestine" by Cheyne - a burned out and drunken CIA still has a chance to redeem herself even if the circumstances look bad ...
  •  "Darby" by Azurenon 
  • "Coward" by Phair -  (sci fi)

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Afterlife ...

Don't worry nobody died ! Well not in RL anyway, but I do think that a part of an era in the life of online f/f fiction is coming to an end. 

You might say that it's a LHEA kind of end, one where the "girl" gets the "girl" and wander of into the sunset to live happily ever after.  And why would you say that ?
Well because our favourite writers of f/f romance fiction seems to have found new homes. They no longer need to peddle their crafts for free at the fanfiction sites. Today they have loads of different paying outlets to choose from. I understand why. Who wouldn't charge for the time and effort put into mixing words, laughter, love and imagination into a story of romantic love and lust. If I had the inclination, time and talent maybe I would too?

On the other hand when I first stumbled on f/f fanfiction I found the online communities to be a close knit network of writers and readers united by a common love for romance and a shared interest in the life of "women who love women". It was almost a "home away for home" to look in at The Atheneaum "What's New" or "The Royal Academy of Bards" Author Index and browse through the stories of f/f love and lust. The writers or bards shared their hard work and the readers their reading time. It was entertaining, fun and a good time all around I think. 

Some years back The Atheneaum started to slow down as in fewer and fewer new reads and after a while the updating ended. No new fic's has been added since 2013. The Academy is still updating but a lot of the news posted at The Academy tells us about new published books at the many publishing houses for lesbian fiction. You'll still find new on line f/f fiction, but you have to hunt for the new places of posting .... AO3, might be the new places to go, but - sorry - it never felt as "home" to me. 

And it seems that I'm not the only one who found that things has changed. The ladies "Tamara, Elisa and Ze" at Uber Ect has ended their many ears of service to the community of fanfiction readers. A few month back they posted their last update of links to new fic's. 

For quite a few years I was a faithful follower of their daily posts on fiction and everyday life. I for one appreciated the time and effort they put into the daily chore ! Ladies - following your lives and thoughts was like having a loved one holding your hand while venturing out on new exploits .....

So in other words we find our self in "The Afterlife" but it's not a bad place to be if you ask me. The "Good Stuff" is still available online just follow the links at The Corner pages Listmania and Top 10s. Should you find "A missing link" do let me know I might be able to scramble up an update.  

But hey I might be mistaken here. Perhaps there is still interesting places to go, great online f/f fiction to read and communities to be part of ? If you feel like sharing your favourite hunting grounds or perhaps the fic's you like the most then feel free to post a comment. As you must have gathered by now I'm not "getting out" much any more ... well I'm OUT and about but not in our shared universe of f/f fiction.

See you around The Corner ?

Sunday, February 07, 2016


Just a short note to let you know that I've updated the links on the pages "Top 10" and Listmania.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

In the closet or Out .... You decide whats best for YOU!

Coming OUT or staying IN ? As in telling your family and friends that you prefer the loving arms of a woman or not telling the people that matters in your life that to you love is found in the heart of another woman ? 

It is all up to you to decide how to live your life - you are after all the one to live it today, tomorrow and all the days to come. To some the thought of coming out is scary but still a road that they chose to travel. Some do it alone, some have a hand to hold when they take that first step out of the closet.

All Women who love Women have their own story to tell on the pro and cons of their closet - maybe it's a small and dark one, maybe it's shared with a few close friends or family members, maybe it's just one used for work or school and maybe it's just a place to stay for a little while getting comfortable with a new way of life. Whatever closet we are talking about it's yours to cherish or to pull down.

This is how it felt to A Lesbian Swimmer from The University of Arizona to come out to family, friends and team mates and with the www she is not just OUT of her closet in her everyday life but exposed to all the world - that must take a special kind of courage!

I hope that you will find this story as uplifting as I did!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Going Viral... with a kiss!

Going Viral with a kiss - what a way to go!

It started not with a kiss but a hole bunch of kisses between strangers - not by chance but cleverly arranged by an American clothing company Wren promoting it's Fall '14 collection. Next the kissing of strangers went viral and if you visit Youtub you can find a number of videos on just this theme - this is the one I like the best

Produced by Project Q, a website dedicated to the lives of queer women in New York and apparently  launching this spring.

Saturday, April 05, 2014

An ad with an Attitude

London-based, Savile Row-trained tailor Sir Tom Baker carries a reputation in the world of suits .. mens I take it ? 
But hey one might wonder just who carries off dressing in his suits the best !

Sunday, March 16, 2014

"There is nothing like looking, if you want to finde something"

There is looking for the meaning of life, looking for love, looking for trouble - hopefully the "good kind" ! We can make each other look good or ridiculous for that matter. We can look each other up or look away when we happen to meet on the street. We can keep looking or we can stop ... there is a hell of a lot of ways to look, but really not so many not to...

So I say it's ok to look. It's impractical or almost impossible not to! Maybe its ok to look even if you are not looking to find ?

You might ask where I'm going with all this looking around .... are we looking for new good reads in the world of f/f fic? I guess that's something to look for but at the moment not something I seem to find at the usual hunting grounds on "Atheneum", "The Academy" or with the" Uber ect." Why might that be ? Has every good pen turned to selfpublishing to make a dollar. Is the ebook business taking our free reads ? I don't mind paying to feed my reading habit or the mouths that feed the pens I'm addicted to but I guess that there is the reads that I'll pay for with my "reading time" and the quality reads that I'll spend money on.... ok this was really not the road I wanted to go down with this post.

What I did want to do was to look ... not to find just to look... and maybe you want that too ... if not just look away!

"Clair Underwood" or Robin Wright is a classy act with a minimalistic wardrobe! But I wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of the devious master plan she and Frank orchestrates in "House of Cards". As for love I don't know ... this marriage is surely a devoted one, but I do get the impression that the devotion is more of a business plan than one of LOVE ... but who am I to judge ... LOVE comes in many colours, shapes and forms ... and I say it's up to you to look for the kind that suits you!

“Am I really the sort of enemy you want to make?” - Claire
Now who is up next ? How about something with a little less self restraint, a more emotional act but still a woman with a mission .... MacKenzie McHale graduate from Cambridge, executive producer of NewsNight and the voice in the ear of TV-anchor Will McAvoy. 

You might chose to believe that Mac spend a few years in Peshawar on the Afgani-Pakistani border reporting as a self imposed penance for cheating on Will ... and telling him, but I do find it hard to "see" her live in action shooting footage with bearded men with loaded guns... but that's the storyline we are feed. On the other hand it really doesn't matter much what you believe as long as Mac believes in her project to move Will and NewsNight to a new level on the US-news scene..... and in her ability to win Will back!

So this is The News in the American way - and love as in a reversed fairy tale - the princess fights her way through a countless number of tests and punishments ... it's almost SM-like to see what Will - her cuckold lover - throws at her. Unfortunately Will is not the only one with an axe to grind with Mackenzie. The HBO producer / writer Alan Sorkin do give her an almost unbelievable dumb dialogue to perform at times ... but hey we are looking not listening!

I'm sorry to say that I've found no subtext at all in "House of Cards" or "Newsroom" so if you want to take a look at the women mentioned above don't go looking for a "close" female friend ! But when it comes to the act of looking it really doesn't matter much what team you play for ... it's just looking ... you know!

If team play matters to you, you might take a look at the Swedish film "Kyss Mig" - don't look for the surreal beauty of the US-female protagonists, but this is the "real thing" as in falling in love and coming out with your ..... soon to be stepsister ... ok that might sound a little over the top for you but it's really all right. We are talking stepsisters as in parents remarrying late in life.  
In the not too long line of lesbian themed films this is a class act and what's more it "feels" mainstream ... as in playing for an All American team.... I'm not going to mention that the women are not just "holding hand" ....

Look around even if you are just looking and not Looking to find!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

"Money doesn't smell"

The waste resources of the internet informs me that when the Roman Emperor Vespasian ordered a tax on public bathrooms way back when, he explained this to his son with the words "Money doesn't smell". Apparently this was his way of saying

“If you see an opportunity to make money – use it!

It has taken quiet a while for lesbians to be included in mainstream commercial advertising but we are getting there.

This might not be fan fiction but it's fiction all the same !

If you are wondering about the product ... follow the dress closely !

And along the same lines ... follow the girl, look out for the car...

 The Clio is not the only car with a Lesbian behind the wheel ... it you prefer Toyota try this.

One might ask if a Toyota is really sexy ... ok I'm not going to question your taste in cars but lets move back to the fun of buttons ... as in Levis 501...

...... now don't get ideas ... keep those jeans on it's not time for bed just yet ... lets just surf on for a bit to calm the nerves...

Lets end this in our own world .... an ad for same sex marriages !

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sport is for every one ... no mater what team you play for!

Sochi ... Sochi ... who, what, where ... ? No one would know anything about Sochi if it wasn't for the Winter Games 2014! How was the games ? Where the snow white ? The athletes better than ever ? I don't know. I'm not into winter sports except perhaps for Short Track Speed Skating ... I can't do it but it sure is fun to watch!

So why spend time on Sochi ... I won't but I'll let you have this video from XXL a Norwegian outerwear company the title is "Airport Love". It's a commercial with a message... sport is for everyone, no matter what team you play for! I can sympathise with that message.