Monday, April 14, 2014

Going Viral... with a kiss!

Going Viral with a kiss - what a way to go!

It started not with a kiss but a hole bunch of kisses between strangers - not by chance but cleverly arranged by an American clothing company Wren promoting it's Fall '14 collection. Next the kissing of strangers went viral and if you visit Youtub you can find a number of videos on just this theme - this is the one I like the best

Produced by Project Q, a website dedicated to the lives of queer women in New York and apparently  launching this spring.

Sunday, April 06, 2014

Thinking about a revamp of F/F Fan Fiction Readers Corner


From behind this writing desk it seems that The F/F Fan Fiction Readers Corner is outdated !

Not that The Corner was ever a hip place, but with Tumblr, Pinterest and the like it seems literally antiquated  !

On the other hand it's not all about LOOKS is it? The hot brown stuff called coffee can look delicious with a soft brown foamy topping right off the espresso machine but taste like s..., the crispy shiny apple can be just that but tasteless all the same.... I could go on, but I think you rather take it from here, we all like and dislike different things. 

The "taste" or the feeling that a fic leaves behind that's what The Corner is all about. No shiny covers, romantic pictures or crisp paper can make up for a boring story or bad writing, and while all the physical elements of a book is not present in our online reading, a story can be just as catchy in html. or any other digital format, as in a physical form.

So perhaps I should just let The Corner be ... why mess with what's working just fine - You keep coming around no matter how outdated the site looks!

... that was easy work - revamping done ! Now back to my reading or rather rereading of what I like the best ... this time it's Campus ... again ! Join me if you have the time it's by far my longest favourite f/f fic.

Saturday, April 05, 2014

An ad with an Attitude

London-based, Savile Row-trained tailor Sir Tom Baker carries a reputation in the world of suits .. mens I take it ? 
But hey one might wonder just who carries off dressing in his suits the best !

Sunday, March 16, 2014

"There is nothing like looking, if you want to finde something"

There is looking for the meaning of life, looking for love, looking for trouble - hopefully the "good kind" ! We can make each other look good or ridiculous for that matter. We can look each other up or look away when we happen to meet on the street. We can keep looking or we can stop ... there is a hell of a lot of ways to look, but really not so many not to...

So I say it's ok to look. It's impractical or almost impossible not to! Maybe its ok to look even if you are not looking to find ?

You might ask where I'm going with all this looking around .... are we looking for new good reads in the world of f/f fic? I guess that's something to look for but at the moment not something I seem to find at the usual hunting grounds on "Atheneum", "The Academy" or with the" Uber ect." Why might that be ? Has every good pen turned to selfpublishing to make a dollar. Is the ebook business taking our free reads ? I don't mind paying to feed my reading habit or the mouths that feed the pens I'm addicted to but I guess that there is the reads that I'll pay for with my "reading time" and the quality reads that I'll spend money on.... ok this was really not the road I wanted to go down with this post.

What I did want to do was to look ... not to find just to look... and maybe you want that too ... if not just look away!

"Clair Underwood" or Robin Wright is a classy act with a minimalistic wardrobe! But I wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of the devious master plan she and Frank orchestrates in "House of Cards". As for love I don't know ... this marriage is surely a devoted one, but I do get the impression that the devotion is more of a business plan than one of LOVE ... but who am I to judge ... LOVE comes in many colours, shapes and forms ... and I say it's up to you to look for the kind that suits you!

“Am I really the sort of enemy you want to make?” - Claire
Now who is up next ? How about something with a little less self restraint, a more emotional act but still a woman with a mission .... MacKenzie McHale graduate from Cambridge, executive producer of NewsNight and the voice in the ear of TV-anchor Will McAvoy. 

MacKenzie McHale in Newsroom
You might chose to believe that Mac spend a few years in Peshawar on the Afgani-Pakistani border reporting as a self imposed penance for cheating on Will ... and telling him, but I do find it hard to "see" her live in action shooting footage with bearded men with loaded guns... but that's the storyline we are feed. On the other hand it really doesn't matter much what you believe as long as Mac believes in her project to move Will and NewsNight to a new level on the US-news scene..... and in her ability to win Will back!

So this is The News in the American way - and love as in a reversed fairy tale - the princess fights her way through a countless number of tests and punishments ... it's almost SM-like to see what Will - her cuckold lover - throws at her. Unfortunately Will is not the only one with an axe to grind with Mackenzie. The HBO producer / writer Alan Sorkin do give her an almost unbelievable dumb dialogue to perform at times ... but hey we are looking not listening!

I'm sorry to say that I've found no subtext at all in "House of Cards" or "Newsroom" so if you want to take a look at the women mentioned above don't go looking for a "close" female friend ! But when it comes to the act of looking it really doesn't matter much what team you play for ... it's just looking ... you know!

If team play matters to you, you might take a look at the Swedish film "Kyss Mig" - don't look for the surreal beauty of the US-female protagonists, but this is the "real thing" as in falling in love and coming out with your ..... soon to be stepsister ... ok that might sound a little over the top for you but it's really all right. We are talking stepsisters as in parents remarrying late in life.  
In the not too long line of lesbian themed films this is a class act and what's more it "feels" mainstream ... as in playing for an All American team.... I'm not going to mention that the women are not just "holding hand" ....

Look around even if you are just looking and not Looking to find!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

"Money doesn't smell"

The waste resources of the internet informs me that when the Roman Emperor Vespasian ordered a tax on public bathrooms way back when, he explained this to his son with the words "Money doesn't smell". Apparently this was his way of saying

“If you see an opportunity to make money – use it!

It has taken quiet a while for lesbians to be included in mainstream commercial advertising but we are getting there.

This might not be fan fiction but it's fiction all the same !

If you are wondering about the product ... follow the dress closely !

And along the same lines ... follow the girl, look out for the car...

 The Clio is not the only car with a Lesbian behind the wheel ... it you prefer Toyota try this

One might ask if a Toyota is really sexy ... ok I'm not going to question your taste in cars but lets move back to the fun of buttons ... as in Levis 501...

...... now don't get ideas ... keep those jeans on it's not time for bed just yet ... lets just surf on for a bit to calm the nerves...

Lets end this in our own world .... an ad for same sex marriages !

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sport is for every one ... no mater what team you play for!

Sochi ... Sochi ... who, what, where ... ? No one would know anything about Sochi if it wasn't for the Winter Games 2014! How was the games ? Where the snow white ? The athletes better than ever ? I don't know. I'm not into winter sports except perhaps for Short Track Speed Skating ... I can't do it but it sure is fun to watch!

So why spend time on Sochi ... I won't but I'll let you have this video from XXL a Norwegian outerwear company the title is "Airport Love". It's a commercial with a message... sport is for everyone, no matter what team you play for! I can sympathise with that message.

"Another Story" by The Head and The Heart

Not every story ends on a good note. Especially not lesbian themed stories from way back when .... but times has changed and today we may experience happy endings not just in every day life but also on screen, in novels with lesbian protagonists and of course in our online LesFic reading be it Fan Fiction or not. 

And even if I'm all for enjoying the happy ending and even seek to promote just that kind of lesfic  reading I found the music video for "Another Story" worth watching not just for the tune but for the storyline too. So if you don't mind a trip back in time and can appreciate a journey from good times through tragedy and into the future. Then take out 5 minutes of your busy reading schedule for this.

If you find a familiar face in this video I'm told that Troian Bellisario who plays Spencer Hatsings on "Pretty Little Liars"features prominently.

"She Said, She Said"

If your main interest lies with the written word this might not be of interest to you, but I always thought that it doesn't hurt to spread ones wings now and again, so why not enjoy a couple of well dressed women but don't miss the footwear ;-). You might pick up a hint on how to put a pair of heels to good use!

This is a commercial disguised as a lesbian-divorce-tehmed comedy staring Marisa Tomei and Elodie Bouch directed by Stuart Blumberg who wrote "The Kids Are Alright", and the product advertised ? Well ... see for yourself you might find a designer dress here and there ... (Co’s spring 2013 collection).

Look up "SheWired"'s comments on the commercial here.


Enjoy a moment of equality

SHE4MarriageEquality (SHE4ME) is a short video set against a song called “She” by Jen Foster reworked specifically for this video. You can download Jen Foster’s song “She” for free 

SHE4ME was directed by Nicole Conn, who is known for "Claire Of The Moon",  "Elena Undone" and "A Perfect Ending".

Monday, February 17, 2014

"Takes Two" by Elize

Life is like a string of moments spun and woven together by the twists and turns of fate but most of all by chance and randomness. When we look backwards we see a clear path leading from there to here, from our past to our present life. When we look forward ... who knows what we see ... a vision of where or what we are meant to make of ourselves, a dream come true or just our tomorrow ... 

What Steph sees is the next port of call for herself and her six year old son Jason, and for Steph that next port of call is Port Baily. This is where we find Kate running the small restaurant above the harbour "Tavern-by-the-Sea" with her second generation Italian chef Fabricio.

What makes life special for Kate is the everyday life of serving her customers and following the seasonal changes in the little town on the coast from summertime with hordes of guests  to the quiet times of winter with just the locals looking in for coffee or an evening meal. 

For Steph life is her son Jason and "Voyager" the 42ft Hinkcley her father left her upon his death 3 years ago. The "Voyager" has taken Steph from San Francisco to the East Coast. A long way on a sea chart, but in life ... well you go and look for yourself Steph and Jason is just about to put down their anchor in Port Baily, and if you keep your eyes open you will soon find that fate or perhaps it's chance secure a bumpy meet between Kate and the newcomers.

As you might have guessed a bumpy meet will lead to an acquaintance, to friendship and perhaps over time to more.... perhaps even a new vision of life to be for our protagonists.

This is romance as I like it best! Slow moving with time for the characters and the romance to evolve through the little moments that makes up the beats on the string of life, but most of all it's well written. I say Elize has got a talent for putting words together and penning LesFic. 

"Takes Two" is an Uber archived at the J/7 Alcove. As usual I'm a bit out of my depth when it comes to the TV-series from which fanfic's originate. I get the impression that J/7 fanfiction originates in Star Trek. Please correct me if I'm wrong. This is not a universe that I'm well acquainted with, but I do seem to recall that one of my all time favourite stories "Campus" by Anik LaChev is also an J/7 fanfic.