Saturday, June 11, 2016

True Love in pictures

"True Love" will find You, not when You need it, not when You're looking and not always in places that society deems respectable or legal. 

True Love has no colour, gender or age. It's bound by no law, it sees no limits and it has no label.

True Love has no pride. It can't be measured or balanced on a scale. It's freely given, has no price and You can not fight it or turn it away when it finds You.

True Love is a feeling, a voice that speaks to You from Your heart. You might not recognise the voice when You first hear it or understands the words spoken to You, but whether You listen or not, You'll find yourself following the voice of Your heart.

"True Love" is simple. It's takes no elaborate storyline or exotic screen shots to convey. There is no need for naked bodies or heated encounters. It's just a look, at word, a risk taken and a hand held.

Don't miss out on this short story of love in the wrong places, but still "True Love" no matter what.

"True Love" Episode 3 BBC One
If you would rather take the the student/teacher theme of your f/f romance in writing try "The Essay" by Fletcher DeLancey. This time the professor acts with a bit more restrain, and while we are on this theme you could try out "Jaeger's" by Dragonjuls. Once again restrain or perhaps patience is the operative word 

And if you want a longer more elaborate storyline of finding love in the wrong places but still as "True" as it comes then don't miss out on "Kyss Mig" (trailer), it's among the best F/F movies - perhaps this link works .
"Kyss Mig"

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