Top 10s

This page is under construction and has been for awhile - I just can not make up my mind as to what stories I like best ;-)

All-time favourites in all categories
  1. Rumors by BadSquirrel
  2. The Harvest by G.E.Birch
  3. The Phantom by Larisa
  4. All That Matters by S X Meager
  5. Campus by Anik LaChev
  6. Finding My Way Mavis Applewater 
  7. A Place to Dance by Ali Vali
  8. Endgame by Meghan O'Brien  
  9. The Road From Kilimanjaro by KG MacGregor 
  10. Miss-Match by Aurelia and A.C.Henley 
Favourites in the category of Humour
  1. The Phantom by Larisa
  2. Miss-Match by Aurelia and A.C.Henley (Will be published with a sequel)
  3. The Light Fantastic by L.A. Tucker
  4. Kicking and Screaming by Larisa
  5. Shell Game by Zipplic
Top Ten Larisa stories 
  1. The Phantom
  2. Blue Calm
  3. Kicking and Screaming  
  4. Blind Date
  5. Emotional Paralysis
  6. The Ice Princess 
  7. Striker
  8. Rough Warrior
  9. Blazing Dreams
  10. Reason of Insanity
    Favourites in the category of "A Spicy Read": 
    1. Under Construction by Vertigo
    2. Unlimited Sexual Favors by MJ and Cephalgia
    3. Angel's Heart and Angel Unchained by Mavis Applewater 
    All those perfect stories that just didn't make it to the Top Ten ... today ;-) 
    The best by Mavis Applewater