Saturday, July 30, 2016

Back in business

Thought that You should know that The Athenaeum is back in business. Well it never really went completely off the grit, but it has been a few years since the regular updates came to an end... and now the updates are back ... !

The Athenaeum is a great place to look for online f/f fan fiction / lesfic as the archive lists 6955 works from 1589 authors.

One of the best features on The Athenaeum is The Forum. It is a great place to chat with fellow readers and writers about fic's and whatever, and the members of The Forum are really good at lending a helping hand identifying that special fic that you just have to reread.

So help yourself to a good reading time and hop along to The Athenaeum. If you do find a story that you like then take the time and write a recommendation. It's an easy way to "feed the bard" and help your fellow reader choose where to spend her reading time.

See You around The Athenaeum! 

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