Sunday, February 05, 2017

This and that...

Grab a cup of coffee, put up your feet and relax while I ramble a bit about this and that.
  • Ylva Publishing has announced a "Romance Month" due to the upcoming Valentines Day. If you are inclined to pay for your Lesfic romance addiction you get a discount on your romance purchases in February.
  • Lee Winters (Lesfic writer) has ventured out with a guest blog at Ylva's and taken a guess as to how we want our Lesfic romance. Do take a look - perhaps you'll find time to put up a comment ?
  •  And while we are on the topic of making someone happy. You could look into how to score with your favourite Lesfic writers. Fletcher DeLancey otherwise know as The Oregon Expat (an American living in Portugal) will give you a hint. Fletcher is a writer of Lesfic Scifi but I've found a few of her contemporary romantic stories quite nice. Look up "The Essay"and "Mach vs. PC"
  • If you want to sample Jae's writing before you decide to put money on the table and purchase one of her books at Ylva's romance sale, you could try out the free short story "The Midnight Couch". It's a well written short romance on how to move on your secret infatuation with a co worker. If you want to know how Jae handles the "heavy breathing" parts of her romantic Lesfic writing the try out the equally free "Dress-tease" a short add-on to her Hollywood series romance "Damage Control".
  • Should you be wondering if all our usual hunting grounds of free quality online lesfic has dried out the answer is yes - almost. I came across yet another fic by Kelly Aten on Acadamy of Bards recently "Rules of the Road". It's well written, with a couple of soft butch protagonists and a slow moving romance - so cheer up! 
  • If you want to rest up with a lesbian themed movie you could look up the list provided by Bitch Media in the "One-Sentence Review". If you have access to Netflix US you might still find some of the titles available to stream. You'll find a more extensive blog on Lesbian interest movies, web-series, short films etc. here

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