Saturday, October 08, 2016

It takes two to tango

No matter the time or the place there is one couple that you can't separate - want to take a guess ? Nope ..  you won't find the answer in the picture this time, even if pictures paints a thousand words! .. and this is an awfully nice picture ... it could very well be the climax of a lesfic story line as in ... no I'm not the writer - I'm the reader! And that's who they are, the couple .. not the dancers silly ! The couple that you can't separate, the couple who need each other like ... well whatever You Need.

... the reader and the writer .. it's a bliss when you find each other. You can be her first, she can be your latest and you can be each others ... whatever you are it might be for life. 

You can bookmark her, put her among your favourites or on a shelf - she won't mind. She will think of you while she puts her words on paper and ponders the story line, but you don't have to brush your teeth before you take her to bed. 

It's a match made in heaven, but it's not free. You'll have to commit your reading time as she will have to commit herself to slaving over the keyboard. She will wonder if you read her lines, as you will wonder the meaning of her words. 

You are together yet separate, your lives merely touching, but still she can linger in your head for days like the tune of a favourite song that you hum to yourself over and over again.

What you do to her is your choice, but if you like her writing drop her a line - STOP lurking and be a pal feed the bard!  ... now I don't know the couple but they could easily picture characters from a favourite story line - even if short blond and tall dark aren't in the picture.... could it be Caid the "Balantine Babe" from Dabkey's "And Playing the role of herself" and her love interest Robyn who just happened to be sporting both a very visible boyfriend Josh and a less obvious stalker. Well probably not as both Caid and Robyn tends to be a bit protective of their private lives and not much is private when you are an actress. On the other hand it might be Mimi and Jolly as you might say that privacy is not high their list. Mimi is waiting in the wings - and not quit patiently - for the love of her life, Jolly to notice what is right in front of her eyes ... the love of her life, and once the cobweb has been dusted of Jolly's mind, they find "A place to Dance" very much in the spotlight or rather in their fathers face ...yes check it out!

Dancing is certainly not uncommon in our lesfic story lines and to some it's almost a lifestyle. Take Sheridan who is a regular on the dance floor with just about any hot babe that she can lay her eyes on ... well that is until Keefer happens to put herself firmly in the picture, but "Caution: Under construction" might just leave you a little breathless even if you aren't  joining the ladies on the dance floor. 

If you go for the more serene dancing then an evening in the company of D.S. Bauden and "A Saving Solace" might be more to your liking. It's just one dance in the confinement of Kelly's home but it does take the story and the ladies to the next level. As is the case for Laurel and her friend Caden in Kim Pritekel's "Again". A dance in the privacy of home is just the thing that gets things moving towards the living happily ever after. If this is playing it a bit safe then try your hand with Xenasgrll's "A Safe Place" where Paige treats Madison to a dance which would not be deemed safe in a public place. Do you want me to go on .. then lets turn up the heat a notch with J Brownell's "Now and Forever" this time the ladies doesn't even make it to the dance floor even if they are dressed up to the nines and almost there, but then again they don't really need to go to the next level, they are already there. 

Now don't get the impression that a dance is all it takes, sometimes a dance can spell disaster waiting to happen as is the case for Clancy in "Miss-Match" by AC Henley, but then again Max wasn't really whom she should have chosen for her first dance and she might think to thank Carmen for getting her ass out of trouble. As for dancing with the "wrong" woman Artemis Callaghan will set up Kit for trouble in the long run by accepting a dance with the wrong sister at the right time. A mix up YES - is it easy to fix - NO or YES - as long as you don't mind playing the fence a bit. Follow the ladies in Hen Night, Wedding reception, Honeymoon, Divorcee.

Go on there is a woman and a writer out there who is the ONE for you....


  1. Artemis stories were adorable to read on this lazy Sunday morning!.😀

    1. Yep - it's a favourite of mine too. Perhaps You'll also like Fingersmith's "Once" - you can find a link on Listmania under the theme "Sorry Cats are everywhere but how about a Dog?"