Sunday, January 16, 2011

Between a Memory and a Dream by L.A.Tucker

Meatloaf is great for Thursdays, chicken and biscuits will go over well on a Wednesday, Tuesdays well ... how about a Swiss steak, if you throw in some fried fish on Friday and an Italian sampler platter as a Saturday special you have got yourself the new menu of The Duck Inn. 

If you can stomach the meatloaf and a romance that is a tad long in the making find yourself a quiet corner at the back of the bar at The Duck Inn and watch out for the inn owner Duck and her tenant Marie.

Duck is a woman caught up by her parents failing health. First she nursed her mother until she died and now she has taken over their inn and the job of looking after her father. With a declining business and a less than fit father, Duck has little if no life outside the inn.

Something needs to change! And even if she does not know it Marie is the woman who will help turn things around for Duck .... and herself. Marie keeps busy with an unusual number of little odd jobs like dog grooming, pet sitting, teaching ballroom dancing, cooking and banjo playing just to mention a few. Her coming and goings through the bar at the inn is followed closely by at least one set of very interested eyes. 

If you are a trained lesfic reader you will know that the largest obstacle to finding true love is the misconceptions that our protagonists live by - and in the case of Duck and Marie they each take the misunderstandings to heart and live in the firm belief that their feelings for each other is not reciprocated.

Both you and I know better - so just sit back and wait for the one special serving of meatloaf that will end all the misunderstandings.

This is a short story with a singular focus on Duck and Marie, the long covered looks they send each other and their non existing communication, but it's sweet - so if you "do" sweet and you can live without a roll in the hay go look it up.

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