Saturday, January 15, 2011

Welcome at The Corner

Judging from the stats it is likely that you are a new visitor at The Fan Fiction Reader's Corner and that you have arrived at this site by way of Uber ect., which is by the way one of my favoured sites in the world of on-line fiction.

First of all welcome at The Corner, I hope that you enjoy the visit even if it's just a short one.

If you want to know what The Corner is all about then read on. If you like to explore a site in your own pace, then please just move on and do not mind my rambling.

This is a review site dedicated to readers! Writers are welcome to tag along, but the site focus on letting readers know where to find a good and mushy romantic read. Yes - mushy romance is what you will find at The Corner - it might be found in a mix of drama, mystery or erotica, but if there is no romance ,there will be no review. 

And I might as well admit that I do have a selective reading habit! I don’t “do” the classics - some know that I’m really an ignorant when it comes to the shows that the fan fic’s are based on. What I do - do - is the lesfic themed uber and original stories and I’m happy to say that there are many of those on offer.

If you know of a fic that has a mushy romantic feeling to it, an entertaining storyline and a good quality of writing please let me know, maybe I have missed a good read - one that might require a review. You can just put up a comment to this post if you like.

Apart from the reviews I have put together some pages that you can find at the top of the blog - take a look at them if you want to explore a bit. I will just mention "Listmania" - it's a page, that list some of my favourite fic's by way of the topic or theme they explore - so if you are looking for a doctor, gunsling or someone who will be jumping the fence, then go to "Listmania" and explore the listed topics.

Anyway I hope you enjoy your time at The Corner - feel free to let me know if you disagree with my reviews, rating or rambling etc. It might help your fellow readers to find their way in the world of online fiction.

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