Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Khimairal Ink January 2011

Bedazzled Ink Publishing Company has put up the January 2011 issue of the e-magazine Khimairal Ink on their website - it is a FREE magazine!

If you want the romance kind of stories you can look up "Tracy Arm" by Elaine Burnes a little tale of love lost and found. Elaine Burns is also featured in the Khimairal Ink April 2010 issue with the story "The Gift" which is romantic, but beware - you will have to tag along for a bit of Christmas shopping if you chose to read "The Gift" - both stories are enjoyable and well written.

I know that I did mention "Cookies" by Andi Marquette on an earlier occasion, but I like it a lot so I decided to mention it again! "Cookies" is about making a bad choice and the time you spend waiting for the consequences of that choice to hit home. I found this story catching so if you haven't been through the back issues of Khimairal Ink you might at least look up the July 2009 magazine, where Andy Macquette's story is featured.

The Khimairal Ink January 2011 issue include four stories - so do take time to look up this new issue - you might find something you like.

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