Thursday, June 02, 2011

Double Trouble by RJ Nolan

There is no such thing as immaculate conception ... I think ? Well let's not begin a religious discussion, can't we just agree that for most women this is true? So lets move on .... and think of the consequences ... no immaculate conception... hmm ... so if you happen to be a lesbian getting a couple of kids involves some planing ... right?

Well if you tag along with Kris and Jerry to the first baseball game of the season you might get a chance to catch the first act of the romance that will lead Kris from being single, lesbian and not looking to have neither a partner nor any children, to being part of a full blown family of 4 ... and I'll tell you that it didn't really call for any planing at all. Hmm .... maybe you could call it immaculate conception, but then again I don't think that this was exactly how the apostles would put it.

So if gaining a couple of kids didn't take any planning you might ask how it happened. Well I guess that I can give you a few of the ingredients. If you want to know how to mix them you'll have to read the story. 

First of you will have to get your hands on some beer or rather have a lot of it splashed over you and a good looking woman thrown on to your lap. Then you will have to get up your nerve and ask her out, and stick with it once she tell's you that she really can't go out tonight as she can't get a babysitter on such short notice!! This is where you will have to ask yourself if this is really a road you want to travel... I mean she has to be straight ... or what ?

Now don't judge a book by its cover, Erin is by no means straight, she just "happened" to get herself married and pregnant with Scott, which wasn't such a good choice after all. Furthermore Erin really do need to meet someone and Kris proves to fill out the role of "someone" as in a perspective lover, rather well. She loves Erin, her twins Christopher and Jenna, and they on the other hand, takes to Kate real fast. 

If you add a Grate Dane with a Harlequin colored coat going by the name of Willi, Alice and Richard, Erin's ex-in-laws and Jerry, Kris' long time friend, you have what it takes to make it happen ... the "getting a set of twin of you own" kind of thing, and it didn't even require the customary nine month of pregnancy, no Lamar classes, nausea .....  

It might sound easy, and it is, but it's also standard Lesfic based on a classic storyline with the necessary bumps on the road. This time the big bump happens to come along just as you think that this romance is in the bag, but with the help of a good friend and a persistent lover we do get the LHEA that we envisioned right from the start.

"Double Trouble" is a simple - perhaps a bit too simple - kind of romance, where our protagonists move quickly from a chance meeting, to dating and falling in love. Getting to second base takes a little time though. With a couple of kids tagging along it does involve some planing and an ex-mother in law to get to second, third and any other base you wish to visit with your woman!

If you choose to look up the story - do it for the family theme which plays a big part in this romance. Should you be on the look out for more stories on the theme of "a ready made family" you could try Zee's "Comic Book Life" it's romance and humor all in one or Ali Vali's "A Rock for Remembrance" (there is a sequel and another one) if you want to look into family life with the filthy rich.

"Double Trouble" was published by L-books in 2008. You can get it from Amazon both in paperback and as e-book (kindle).

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