Sunday, May 29, 2011

Ramble - through the jungle of sites

Come on, get up and go find your walking boots. Take a ramble through the www-jungle with me - it will be good for you ! Exercise is the best way to prolong youth. No pills, creams or diets can compete with good old fashioned sweat! You don't believe me?  Well it is scientifically proven studies of mice !   

Ok I can't really invite you for a sweaty run, but a virtual ramble might at least help you pass the time, so if you have some time on your hand, then lets ramble.

First stop today is with Calli's Creations this is classic and uber Photoshop art for the Xenavers. Should you wish for an archive of fanfiction organized as a picture gallery of "book covers" this site is for you. If you have a thing for fanfic covers there are a few more to be found at the archive ForevaXena.

Now lets move on and see if we can get sweaty - how about a dance ? I've got just the place for you and a woman looking for a dance partner, forward the movie to 2.20, sit back and watch Holly Hunter moving with the crowd or if you prefer a tango and Salma Hayek try this link. Hmm strange but I always picture Holly Hunter with dark brownish hair ?

Perhaps we need to take a break and do something less demanding, how about a bit of intellectual exercise? Don't worry I'm not thinking anything as bad as taking the Mensa-test, but we could explore the world of fan fiction through Wiki for a change. Did you know that the writing of fan fiction is an old craft (if you believe everything Wiki tells you ;-) and I'm not referring to Star Trek fan fiction of the 60's but rather ancient Greek poems created on the works of Homer! 

WAFF, YKINMK, Woobi, Fluff - if you go by the Wiki List of Fan Fiction Terms there is an infinite number of terms to describe the stories that you encounter in the Universe of Fan Fiction. A few of the terms I've found to be commonly used at the sites that archives the mushy romantic femslash Fan Fiction that is the centre of attention at this site, but I feel almost illiterate going through the list, as most of the terms are unknown to me, so I'll keep the list bookmarked for later reference!

..... did you catch your breath? Then lets move to something else that is quite new to me like LGBT speed-flat-mating, have you tried this on for size? No, well I'm not looking for a flat mate so you will have to excuse my ignorance, but I thought that advertising was still the way to acquire a tenant. The article on speed-flatmating can be found at Diva's web-site. You can follow the daily news on the site by feeds.

If you like online rambling I think that you ought to look up the "Effing Dykes" it's a quite unique blog on ... Dykes ;-) among other things - one of the latest posts explore the question Why do lesbians always hang all over each other? What's with all the PDA? Do take a look at the blog, you can always surf on if it's not to your liking.

Now lets return to the real world of every day life, and the little things that keep the smile on your face. Did you ever watch "I Can't Think Straight" - well if you did you might know that the movie was created by Shamim Sarif, who blogs off and on about her work and family life. You can look in on Shamim and Hanan's life here "The Garden of Eden".

Ouch my feet are starting to hurt, I think it is time to return to the couch and relax with a bit of f/f fluff fiction. The Athenaeum posted new fic's twice this weekend so maybe there is something worthwhile to explore ??


  1. Hi. Just want to thank you for your post of other sites. I especially loved "effing dykes." It is as absolute hoot. Keep up the good work. Your writing is humorous and interesting.

  2. Thanks and you're welcome! I'm quite taken with Effing Dykes" too. Hilariously funny at times and very imaginative - surprising what you can stumble on while "surfing" online.