Friday, May 27, 2011

Tomorrow's Promise by Radclyffe

Withley's Island is the home of the young and idle summer crowd. The sons and daughters of wealthy families, ready to party the summer away. Among those wild party animals you will find Tanner. A reckless driver, a fast drinker and the wealthy heir to the Whitley fortune. A restless soul unable to find peace within herself, forever trying to outrun her feeling and escape life with her reckless behaviour.

Do you want to meet Tanner? - I say NO, not really let her keep herself busy - doing nothing except passing time. Who cares ? Well sometimes the most unlikely people do that care.

But Withley's Island is more than just a big beach party. To Adrienne, who has travelled 3.000 miles to enjoy a temporary stay,  the Island is a safe haven, a sanctuary far away from family and friends, far away from anyone who knows.... NO, I don't think that I should tell you Adrienne's secret, it is after all the reason she has come to the island, to escape the talk and the looks form those who knows. So let's give her a chance to regain her strength without the knowing glances.

One island, two battered souls..... what are the chances that they will collide - once... well it's possible, twice ... ok not unlikely, but three times... I say its Lesfic! So don't be surprised when you find Tanner and Adrienne engaged in a kiss on the beach.

But don't worry the romance is not bagged and sealed by one kiss however brilliant it was. So this is the story of Tanner, the woman who never seems to be able to settle with anything or anyone, pursuing Adrienne, the woman with a secret too hurtful to disclose to anyone, even the woman who holds her heart.

Did I get you interested ? Hope so - "Tomorrow's Promise" is a nice romance of the Radclyffe variety. A couple of good looking women, instant attraction, despair as in big bumps on the road towards a LHEA ending. The formula is simple, but well proven and with Radclyffe's pen well written too. So if you are  looking for a little something to pass your time this story will serve you well.

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