Monday, May 16, 2011

Operation Drop Zone by Larisa

There is Obsession as in an oriental fragrance with a blend of vanilla, amber, orange blossom and oakmoss from Calvin Kline, and then there is obsession as in a clinical diagnoses of compulsive cleaning. I say that Judge Bloodstone might smell nice, but she really is overdoing it with her cleaning. On the other hand would you really blame her if you take into account that she had a bit of a run in with a former client and a truckload of cow dung that got her and her small convertible buried in ... shit for a while?

If you want to know how to get rid of a cleaning obsession like this, you might want to look up Larisa's "Operation Drop Zone". It's a long story so I guess that I could let you in on part of the secret, it's a ...... Murphy Whistler. She is a "pay for one get three" kind of deal, and I promise you that you wont have a boring day if you take her on. Murphy and her family is something else or rather they are presented like you steady diet of Larisa freaks. I for one would lose my breath just listening in on a "conversation" in that family, but hell there is a lot more than talking going on - nahhh I'm not talking about that (get your mind out of the gutter woman!)

Well neither Judge nor Murphy is exactly who they seem to be. "Judge" is not a judge but a lawyer, and Murphy is not a just a weirdo shelf-filler at Wal-mart, but ... well I think that I should let you figure that out on your own. It's sufficient to say that nothing is quit what it seems to be except for the fact that Murphy does wish to get up close and personal with Judge - really bad.

Story of the Year 2009 at The Athemaeum "Operation Drop Zone" is more than just a classic Larisa story it's a looooong drama blended with a number of crazy episodes and characters. It is a story of missed childhood, maniac mothers, monster kids, the value of the family you create for yourself, loss and gain .... you name it ..... it's there and with a dialog that constantly keeps you breathless. For once I think that Larisa might have overdone the crazy dialog just a bit though - going without oxygen for 342 pages is just a little too long even for a persistent Larisa fan like me.

If you are not familiar with Larisa's writing I think that you should look up "The Phantom" for starters. This will key you into the classic Larisa style and humor. Should you like "The Phantom" there is a lot of Larisa stories to choose from in the archives. Once you have got acquainted with the Larisa style you can drop in on Judge and Murphy and their friends and family - this will keep you confused for a while.

A number of Larisa stories has been mentioned at this site - look op the stories by way of the list of authors - if you want a laugh Larisa is a sure bet .... every time.

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