Thursday, May 05, 2011

Tumbleweed Fever by LJ Maas

A cat has nine lives or so it's said, how many lives are left for man ? Probably considerably less and even less if you are a woman living your life as an outlaw. Dev has survived her share of hardship and brawls, but she might just have used up her share of lives. Had it not been for Hank finding her beaten up, bleeding from a couple of gunshot wounds, left to die by her gang of outlaws, she wouldn't be here, among the cattle hands at the ranch with time to dream of a better life.

You might ask what a reformed outlaw dreams about - the next cattle drive? A couple of shots of whisky at the bar in town? A hot bath? A soft bed? A night in a woman's arms? Noooo - Dev's dreams are way beyond a quick shack. She dreams of a home where a fire and a good meal wait every night and of HER, the one woman who would share her life.

Now you wouldn't think that there was such a thing as an extra chance in the life of women out west, back in the time when a few buffaloes could still be found to range freely, but if you believe LJ Maas, there was such luck to be found. For Dev her lucky chance is Art - a big cattle rancher and uncle - looking for a hired hand to stay with his niece Sarah at her small ranch, after the death of her husband. For Sarah, Dev is not only a way to keep her ranch, but a chance to find the love that has eluded her until now.

If you fancy the "instant attraction" or "soulmate" theme of the uber genre look no further, this is a classic with strikes of lightning hitting home once "blue eyes meet green", but of course no one will act on the attraction right away. So you will get amble chance to follow the hardship of loving from afar, never knowing if your love is wanted. And as this is Women in the Wild West you will get amble chance to watch triggers being pulled fast and men dying - they wouldn't have to - die that is - if they weren't so stupid as to threaten what Dev considers to be hers. Dev is not one to share, at least not the woman of her heart!

The Western theme is not my favorite among online lesfic, but I thought I would give it a go as I did enjoy LJ Maas' "None So Blind" a lot. "Tumbleweed Fever" is not in the same league as "None so Blind", but it's not half bad either - so if you like uber's of the Western genre you could give it a go. On the other hand if this is your first time venturing out with Women of the Wild West you might want to try "The Western Chronicles" by BL Miller and Verda Forster for you first ride, but you will have to be a bit nifty with the Wayback Machine to get your hands on an online copy of this fic as it has been taken offline.

You can find links to more Western lesfic on the Listmania page.

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