Monday, June 27, 2011

LA Metropolitan by RJ Nolan

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You can misplace your trust in someone and get hurt, but if you let a bad experience, even a really bad one, guide your actions through life, you may lose your chance of happiness, love or whatever else you wish for in a relationship.

Trust is not something that comes easy to either Jess or Kim. They are both women with a past that cast shadows on their professional and private lives.

Jess is Head of the ER at LA Metropolitan known to her staff and colleagues as the Ice Queen for her standoffish behavior and sharp tongue. She has the one redeeming feature though - she is a gorgeous hard-ass! Her preference for women is well known and talked about. Especially since the time when her - now - ex-girlfriend Myra chose to vent her frustrations with Jess and her control issues - in the middle of the ER. 

Kim on the other hand is the new attending in the psyche department at the LA Metropolitan. Recovering from a bad experience involving Sharon, the closeted Chief of The ER at The Memorial Hospital, Kim's last place of employment. She is good looking, outgoing and looking for a fresh start, but NOT one including a Chief of the ER! Do you see where this is going? Well don't expect any surprises. Kim and Jess hit it off from the start, and it won't be long till you find them sharing a jog in the park, a meal and ..... a kiss.

But even if the attraction is there, and both women want to take things beyond the point of a few dates and a tryst in the bedroom, there are still a lot of issues to explore and trust to build before a relationship, U-Haul and living happily ever after is possible.

If you've read "Double Trouble" that I mentioned recently, you will know that RJ Nolan is one to use a simple storyline and a rather slim character gallery. With "LA Metropolitan" a bit more work has been put into outlining the characters of the protagonists and the building of their relationship. I'll still say that it is a simple romance, but if you have a "white coat" fetish or a fantasy involving a good looking doc you might like it.

You can find pictures of the Great Dane Thor featured in the story at RJ Nolan's web side, and a couple of her Voyager fan fic's.

If you are nifty with The Wayback Machine you will be able to get your hands on a couple of fic's with a spin off on the characters of Jess and Kim. Should you need a bit of guidance on how to work The Wayback Machine - look up pointers at the "Tool of the Trade" page above. 

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