Sunday, January 02, 2011

The Foundlings by GabGold aka Gabrielle Goldsby

Do you have your mothers eyes ? Are your hair the same color as your fathers ? Are your nose just slightly crooked like your sisters ? Looking just that little bit alike is part of what makes us feel that we belong in our family. What if you looked different from everyone around you not only you family, but also your friends, coworkers, classmates, countrymen ... ? Would it make you feel different, alienated, an outsider?

Fox is living outside society, she looks different with her red hair and green eyes, she lives like a hunter, a job the tribe would normally expect a man to do, and she craves the heart of a woman named Kia for her mate. Fox never chose to be alone, but fate decided it for her, and now she needs to win Kia’s heart to end her loneliness. (Hmm I might be overdoing it a bit, but hey its fiction so who cares ... right?)

Kia has the most stunning blue eyes and she is big, much bigger than her parents and the other members of her tribe, so she carries herself slightly hunched to compensate. Kia is a Foundling taken in by the childless leader of the tribe when she was found abandoned by her people, now she is of the age when her future mate must be found.

Even if Kia is different and stands out among her people she is still wanted not only by Fox but also by Black Wolf, but her future mate will be determined not by her or her father but by hunters luck - the hunter who makes the first kill on the winter hunt will have Kia.

Do not ask me to place this story either in time no geography, you will have to decide that for yourself, but I will tell you that it’s a cold place - so I guess that we must be looking north.

So this is it really - two women who stand out among their people, thrown together by hunters luck and the insistent wishing of a lonely heart, now all they have to do is to find a way to each others hearts.

This is really just a sweet little story of one woman trying to win another woman’s heart, which is just slightly complicated as neither of the women are quiet sure how things might work between two women .... now do not worry, they will find out eventually, but it’s an entertaining courtship to follow and if you are just a little soft at heart you might get caught up by the storyline and the ladies.

Even if it’s a much shorter and less elaborated story it did remind me a bit of “Drifter" by D and “Tiopa Ki Lacota” by Redhawk (review).

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