Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Wall of Silence by GabGold aka Gabrielle Goldsby

Do you know the chocolate treats that contain a little surprise gift for children to play with? On the outside the treats are just a little something for a sweet tooth and inside is a toy - a double treat! Sometimes it’s rather hard to tell what the children want the most - the chocolate or the surprise inside.

How about you - what do you want a detective novel or a romance, a hand to hold or a hand holding a gun? What if you could have both - a five-foot four chick with a career with the LAPD and a murder or two to solve and a lady bar bouncer with a hard ass ready to hold her hand?

If you want a double treat you could look up GabGolds “Walls of Silence” it’s probably a first draft of the published novel from Bold Strokes Books by the same title by Gabrielle Goldsby.

Foster Everett is your LAPD detective on a downwards spiral - not quiet able to stomach the facts of life that she encounters in her job, not sleeping well, tending to be a bit on the aggressive side and at odds with her boss - are that not the case with all detectives?

The downwards spiral starts turning real fast when Foster kills a suspect on the job - something that her partner Smitty covers up, but that do not help Foster come to terms with having ended a mans life.

On the other hand feeling bad can do Foster a bit of good on the romantic side - something she really has not focused on for a long time ... if ever. The reason? Well it's tall, it’s not too talkative and has a fabulous muscular body - all in all a rather attractive package. Her name is Riley and she is the bouncer at the local women’s bar “The House of Secrets” where Foster picks up a tap when she starts a habit of hard drinking.

Somehow Riley assigns herself the job of looking out for Foster, even if Foster do give of strong signs of “leave me alone I’m a hard ass”, and good for both women and us, as this is a sure road towards a bit of mushy romance in the world of crime.

The characters of Foster and Riley are well developed, likeable and they do fit quite nicely with both the drama and the romantic parts of the storyline. The mix of drama and romance give the ladies room to display both their strong sides and their softer spots, which ads to the characters.

The drama part of the storyline is a bit complicated to follow. It’s not your every day murder case, but a double-crossing kind of mystery that our detective Foster have to solve at the risk of her own life and the safety of Riley, but it seems to be well woven together.

If I have to complain about something its the fact that the romantic and drama bits of the storyline are not quit interwoven. Its more like two stories in one - just like the chocolate treat. You do not get the one without the other, but they are - all the same - two different things.

Anyway if you want your romance with a bit of drama or perhaps the other way around ,do not hesitate to look up “Walls of Silence”, it’s entertaining either way.

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