Thursday, January 06, 2011

Beyond The Corner

A new page and a new line of content not really fitting with the subject of Fan Fiction have been added to the site - that is why the page and this ramble is titled "Beyond The Corner"!

"Beyond The Corner" is just a little highlight of general fiction, movies and - in time - perhaps other stuff with a lesbian theme or perhaps sub plot. Should you get bored with the F/F Fan Fiction, the lesbian genre fiction (lesfic) etc. and wish for a little more substance to your reading, you could grab a book or perhaps a movie from the list.

The books and movies are not given away for free on line ! So you will have to actually pay good money to get your hands on the items on the list or maybe you local library carries some of them ?

If you want to follow the hot news on lesbian themed fic's and movies you can stop by - you will find all sorts of pop culture related news at this site, but the site also includes news on the movies and general fiction that might have a lesbian angle. For news on BOOKS you have to go to the topic Music - do not ask me why!!

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