Sunday, April 01, 2012

The Tribe of The Big Round Bellies

Once the Wedding Vows has been taken care of the next thing your woman will start hinting is that it is time for you to start a family.

You might try to suggest a dog would be a perfect match - how about helping out a lovely creature from the animal shelter? Well if that does not work out I guess that you have to start reading up on immaculate conception or perhaps just get your ass down to the local hardware store ... or wherever you go to get your cooking utensils ... 'cos you will be needing a Turkey Baster!

On the other hand when I think about it all the fan fic's I've read featuring a pregnant woman I can't say that I've ever come across any Turkey Basters or the likes, so I guess that there are other ways to get the deed done?!  

Now settle down and let me run through the stories with a pregnant protagonist and let's see if there are any turkeys running loose.

Usually the conception in question is quite natural - if I may say so - as in Man and Woman get close and rather personal. Now don't shoot me - I'm only en innocent bystander telling you what I've read (!) If you don't believe me then look up "Strings Attached" by Inyx. I don't think that it gets more natural than an awful lot of alcohol and an one night stand! With Inyx it's the getting up close and personal with your room mate / (girl)friend of seven years that might prove a bit difficult. Look up the review if you want to know the details.

You still don't believe me ? Ok then try "An Innocent Heart" by Heike Freudenmann and G. S. Binkley. This time it's not an one night stand but a steady - but soon-to-be ex-boyfriend -  that does the deed and puts Kim in a family way! So where do we go from here ? Will Kim be "doing the right thing" and make up with her ex or can she pursue a life as a single mother.... I think that her childhood friend Robin will help her make up her mind - look up a review here.

Luckily enough even devious boyfriends like Tucker Dane's Steve in Larisa's "Blue Calm", who sets out to get Tucker to marry him by getting her pregnant by "accident", can put into motion a change that will give us a lovely f/f romance and the start of a happy family of two mothers. Well in the case of Tuckers new love - Duncan - you might wonder if it's just the luck of genes of if she herself - Duncan that is - "fathered" the child 'cos Tuckers baby daughter looks an awful lot like our Dunk!

If you are "into" devious boyfriends you could also look up Terri, who ends up staying with the wealthy Noemi while she carries her child to term, and if you want to know how that happened and if Terri is going to move on when the baby is borne, you'll have to look up Katia Ruiz's story "Noemi" for your self.

I can think of just one more story where the expecting mother got pregnant the natural way and that's "When We Met" by B. Soiree. As I remember its an awful long story that takes you through the hardship of pregnancy and setting up family life with a newborn baby, but don't worry there is still a little time for romance now and then.     

Now if you are looking to get pregnant with a little help from a very good friend and a doctor you could look up "A Place to Dance" by Ali Vali. This time "the getting pregnant thing" is very well planed, but there is still the small question of putting the news to your partner.... It's really not as odd as it might sound and "A Place to Dance" is a favourite of mine so don't hesitate to look it up if you have the urge for a good romance.  

While we are on the question of favourites I might as well mention "All That Matters" by SX Meager. I know that this is another very long story, but that can't be helped as SX Meager is the master of the long winded romance. Should you have the time then look in on the life of Blair and her husband David who is out looking to have a bit of help with the "getting pregnant thing", which lands Blair with a divorce and on the road to become a single mother (!) ... you might ask how that happens and as you can imagine I won't tell you! I will however let you know that Blair has a very supportive - and surprise - lesbian friend Kylie who lends the pregnant Blair a helping hand when she leaves David. Look up the women while Blair is carrying her child to term and see if Blair is lucky enough to score the "girlfriend" job with Kylie.

You still haven't got enough of all the round bellies getting bigger and bigger and .. ? ... ok then look up Keegan and follow her as she is carrying her child to term as a single mother... hm you want some romantic action as well - don't worry Keegans former girlfriend Gwen is around and she is trying hard to persuade Keegan that what she should take a chance on love, and I ask you who can say no to an offer like that when it's put forward by "America's Sweetheart" ?

If you think that children are a great part of the equation of love and romance then look up the list of stories that I've put together in Listmania or my ramble on this topic. 

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