Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Do you know KG MacGregor?

I bet you know KG MacGregor either for her published stories or like me by way of her online work. If you follow this blog regularly you will already know that I'm quite fond of MacGregor's "The Road from Kilimanjaro". It's a strong number 9 on my "Top 10s".

If you took my advice the other day and ventured out with Anna and Lilly by way of KG MacGregors "Shaken Series, you are already well acquainted with MacGregors online work.

In case you have had enough stories from this pen then go enjoy yourself somewhere else ... how about looking up the culinary skills of "A Butch In The Kitchen"? I think that the Strawberry Shortcake Cookies looks good enough to deserve a try, but then again I do have a thing for strawberries ! They spell S U M M E R to me, and I would really like to get me a bit of sun! It is not for the tan though, I'm just real tired of riding my bike in the rain or in below zero temperatures.

If real life is not toooo much for you then go read Randi Millers account of love "The Long Kiss Goodbye" - I take it you do know that LesFic is really, really far from a true account of romance ?

Should real life be too hard on your romantic heart then tag along as I walk you through my favourite MacGregor stories.

Let's start with "A Little Something" - a short story on how an impossible love might prove possible after all ... it's just a matter of whom takes the first step! Step into the world of advertising and see how Ellen and Shannon decide to take not one but two major chances in life. Just remember that it's not always that easy to find and hold on to love! Well if we are to judge by KG MacGregor's stories the "finding love" might not be so hard - it's the holding on to it that's complicated. Do you want me to prove it ?

Well ok ... lets look in on the Paula the Night Shift Manager at The Weller Regent Hotel in Orlando. If you ask me Paula takes the concept of “making the guests happy” to a new level when she starts  flirting with Wynne - a frequent traveller and marketing manager from Baltimore - who likes to stay at the Weller Regent when in Orlando. Paula and Wynne moves easily from an innocent flirt towards friendship and well you know .... love seems to be just around the corner when RL happens! Do you want to know if the women are ever "Getting it Right" ? Then follow the link - it will be well worth your reading time.

Let's move further down the line of MacGregor stories..... how about looking in on Leo ? She is the reason that all grandmothers have portraits of pretty, smiling 3rd graders on their mantelpieces. Leo is the photographer who makes the miracles happen and catches that perfect expression, but even if Leo is a good catch herself, love has not been know to stand in line at her door. So you might ask why you should spend your reading time with Leo? Don't be so impatient - you know that love is going to find us all at one time or another ... ok sometimes a little shove in the right direction will help to move things along. Look up "Expectations" if you want to know how Leo happens to find love and "Remembrances" if you want to know how things turn out for Leo in the long run.

"Expectations" and a "Little Something" are contributions by MacGregor to The Academy's romantic Valentines Series. If you are fond of a short romantic storyline you could also take some time with "Crush" and "Community Service". I'm sure that Community Service will put a smile on your face.

The last MacGregor fic that I'll mention is "The House on Sandstone". This is a story of young love that never dies - if this is your favourite storyline then look up other stories like this in Listmania. This time it's a kiss in the supply closet in the chemistry class that proves to be the defining moment in time for Justine and Carly, but even if the feeling is mutual at the crunch time - it'll take 25 years to go beyond that kiss! The House on Sandstone has a well developed storyline and a broad cast of characters that will keep you well entertained with all the little happenings of family life as a backdrop to romance.

Enjoy your reading time with KG MacGregor!

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