Thursday, March 08, 2012

The Shaken Series by KG MacGregor

"It looks like you’re crawling in the doggie door naked ?" Well that's what Anna thinks ... do you want to  knows what might have caused her to get that idea ?

I have neither dog nor doggie door, but I might have to get at least the doorthing if it's at all possible that I will have the chance to find a beautiful, naked woman stuck right there in the middle ... neither in nor out!

I take it that you would have to be of a rather slight frame to actually attempt to use a doggie door to enter a house or at least you will have to have a real appealing reason to do so ... perhaps both. If you want to know Lilly's reason to attempt this way of entering her own home you might want to look up KG MacGregors Anna and Lilly series - "Shaken", "Stirred", "Strained", "Anna's Christmas", "I told You So", "Blood of My Blood" or you could move on to Bold Stroke Books and buy the published version of the four books in the Shaken Series.

This is basic LesFic romance with the standard storyline of out girl meets straight girl, friendship turns to love, and we - the readers - wonders who will make the first move to get the "show" on the road. This ever successful storyline is really well executed in the KG MacGregors pen especially in the first part of the series - "Shaken". 

The story setting is interesting with a catching combination of business woman, as in luxury car dealer Anna Kaklis, who is set to take over the family company, and social conscious attorney Lilly Stuart, who tirelessly fights the cause of battered women. The women meet under extraordinary circumstances that prove to be the starting point of a life changing journey of self discovery and one that will get us all we want from our LesFic romance ... the angst, the love and LHEA. If you choose to go "all the way" with Lilly and Anna you will get the chance to follow not only the process of finding and fighting for love, but also the building of family life. 

If you haven't started your reading of KG MacGregor stories yet then "Shaken" is a good place to start.

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