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Listmania - When Children are part of the Equation

One might think that the limits of biology would interfere with the dream of Lesbian Motherhood, but fear not both in real life and fiction there are amble chance to pursue a happy family of Two Moms! 

No, no ...  I'm not going to take this blog in to the realm of RL, so if you are looking for advice on ... well you know what.... then try Google for answers. Ok - now that is settled, then lets move on and see what kind of impact kids have in the online world of lesfic.

We could start out with "The Ready Made Family".  You know the single mom with one or two kids on her hands. You might wonder how they got there .... answers are plenty full ... we could be looking at the girl who made a bad choice in life, which in turn landed her with a lovely offspring.....

If this storyline catches your eye you might want to visit with:

Among these "Hearts Choice" would be my current favorite for the mushy first half of the rather long storyline. Furthermore the story takes place in The Netherlands which makes for a refreshing new setting.

As you must be aware by now there are more than one way to acquire a child and one of the more far fetched, would be the one where an old friend decides to stop by your place and dump her lovely daughter on your doorstep before she leaves for Europe with her new boyfriend!

I cannot say that I have found a huge number of stories with this basic storyline, but Ali Vali's "A Rock for Remembrance" do fit the bill. So if you like to follow the lives of the filthy rich do look up Julian Lowe - the head of a large shipping empire -  and her acquired daughter Summer ..... and read about the romance between Julian and Summers kindergarten teacher Kiki.

Another story that fits the bill is "Meanwhile Back at the Ranch". This is the second installment in a series by J.W. Heart, so you might want to look up the prequel "Summer of Need" first. In "Meanwhile Back at the Ranch" you will find Trace who "gets dumped" with JT a little blond, green eyed girl and the task of looking after both her and her mothers ranch. In this story J.W. Heart gives us a fun storyline and likeable characters - so don't mind the kid - just go join the fun.

A variation of the theme of "getting dumped" with someone else's offspring can be found in LJ Maas "None So Blind". This time we are talking a wayward teen needing a change of environment and a woman who agrees to help out her life long crush by taking the girl in. This story is among my all time favorites. So if you have an interest in mushy romances, do look up this story even if you are not exactly looking for a child to be part of the storyline.

Sometimes "The Ready Made Family" comes with a twist and I for one love those "twist" to be humorous. If you just want a little light giggling, I would go for Zee's "Comic Book Life" where the comic book artist Remy gets to have fun with a "midget" or rather the daughter of Megan - Remy's lives long secret crush.

Should you however want an all out laugh I would suggest that you look up the latest Larisa story - Operation Drop Zone. This story is not only VERY long, but also a bit over the top in crazy humor, but I can guarantee that a kid - this time a "troll" - is very much part of the equation in this storyline. 

Until now we have been looking at "The Ready Made Families", but Children might be part of the Equation well before delivery. So I've been on the look out for stories where our protagonist gets to be part of the family from day one, and I have found several women, who seems to have made the most of the 9 month slot between conception and delivery!

I have put up a list of fic's with pregnant women on the Listmania page. If I should randomly pick one to raise your interest I would point to "Strings Attached" by Inyx. This story is sporting two straight women, room mates and best friends for years and both with a healthy interest in sex with men . You might guess how we come about getting pregnant, but getting into the delivery room and setting up family life might seem a tiny bit difficult, but you know how it is with the ladies, they are never as straight as they present themselves to be - at least in the Universe of Lesfic.

I have found it difficult do find stories with a happy couple who has set up house and then decides to pursue a family. Off the top op my head I can think of "A Place To Dance" by Ali Vali, and Syro's "I Wished You Loved Me Again", but maybe I just haven't  been paying attention to this theme ?

Anyway before you pursue a family you might want to read - IMPOTENT or Maybe not by Gracelan Chase, at least if you harbor an itch for writing. This time the happy family will meet a challenge that might break them up - it's just a PWP ;-)

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