Saturday, April 30, 2011

None So Blind by LJ Maas

When you have a bit of spare time on your hand put the kettle on and make your favorite drink, pull up a chair and get comfortable. Are you ready to relax with a romantic read ? Oh I  forgot,  if you have a gf around maybe you ought to tell her that you have some reading to do ...  but do you have to tell her that you aim for some recreational reading ?

Lying or omitting bits of information often creates a lot of misunderstandings in a relationship, and I'm not one to suggest that you start down that path, even though it seems that it's a sure way to create a classic romantic lesfic read ! One that LJ Maas masters with great efficiency in "None So Blind".

When your are ready then press the link above and prepare to meet our favorite blond; Torrey Gray a freshman coming to stay in the TAU ALPHA ZETA house on the campus of the University of Main and her new roommate, the brooding raven haired biker babe and college senior; Taylor Kent. You might say that Torrey and Taylor is as different as night and day, but it just takes one look - as green eyes meet blue - and we are all convinced that the ladies can find common ground.

At College Torrey and Taylor becomes inseparable friends, a friendship based on omission of the one truth that Taylor thinks will break them apart. You might be able to guess what truth that might be?

The story of Torrey and Taylor goes back and forth in time between their college years together and the present day living very far apart. Today Torrey is an author struggling with a sort of writers block and a single mother to her teenage daughter Jessie, who is going through a difficult phase in life. At the same time Taylor spends her life out in sunny California having a successful career as an artist, but missing something or rather someone important in her life.

What can possible push the women down the path towards a happy ending ? Jessie ! The one thing that will bridge the differences and misunderstandings between Torrey and Taylor seems to be their shared wish to help Jessie on with her life. And when Torrey reach out to her friend for help, Taylor is happy to take Jessie in for a while.

This is a classic lesfic based on the assumption that two women are able to keep their hearts desire a secret from each other for years! If you can accept that fact, you will most likely enjoy the story of Torrey and Taylor, their daughter Jessie and the long road they have to travel from friends to lovers. It's a great romance that has made it on to my list of favorite reads a long time ago - if you like a mushy and classic romance you really should give this one a try.


  1. After Melissa Good and Kim Pritekel, this was one of the first stories I stumbled upon and it's still a favorite. I was saddened to learn that she had passed away several years ago. But, her legacy lives on.

  2. I agree it would have been nice with more stories from the pen of LJ Maas, it is a good thing that the www has souch a long memory!