Monday, April 25, 2011

An Audience with the Sidewalk Saviour by K. Alexander

Would it not be great if ordinary people had the power to heal? To undo the wrong and make the World a better place for all.

If not all, but some had the power, would they be obliged to use this power to the benefit of all or could they choose to use the power at their own discretion ? Would it make a difference if there was a limit to the number of times the power could be used or if the use of the power came with a price ?

Should you want to explore this topic then look up "An Audience with the Sidewalk Saviour" by K. Alexander. This brings you in touch with India Waits. India was raised by nuns, who was non too keen on India exercising her natural healing powers. So I guess that it's not really surprising that India has locked away her real powers and get by in life as a natural health practitioner. That is until one day she is pushed forward by her friend Warren to help a young woman who lies bleeding on the foot walk, shot while queuing for the movie theater.

After having her real powers to heal exposed to the world at large India's life changes, she is rejected by her friends, who question her reasons to keep her powers of healing a secret, and she is haunted by the press.

If you choose to follow along with India while she paves a new path in life for herself be prepared for the unexpected. This is an original story in the true sense of the word, it does not follow the classic pattern of Lesfic, but don't worry you will get your romance along the way - just not so easily as in the mainstream LesFic fic's.

"An Audience with ...." is not my standard treat as it mix romance and drama with "supernatural" powers, which are not quite my cup of tea, but the quality of the writing and not least the dialog between India and her friend Jude is refreshing and a treat in it self.

K. Alexander is still active in the online Universe of fan fiction and I do hope that we will have more stories from her pen in the future. Should you have missed her story "Love Bites" and you could do with a bit of humor and a crunchy dialog - try it out - it's great fun.

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