Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Cooking on High by Creme Brulee

The truly great cooks knows how to create that perfect bite - the bite the combine sour, sweet, salty, bitter and that undefined something that you can't really put a name to. 

In the universe of online f/f fiction Creme Brulee is one of those chefs who really know how to mix up a dish to tickle your taste butts, but "Cooking on High" is not just one great dish - it is a full meal, mixing drama, fun, romance and a good storyline all in one. 

French is "French" - not as in "from France" but rather as in a French chef. She has earned her toque - tall paper hats French-trained chefs wear - in the real world by hard work. Ruthless and obsessive in her quest for perfection. Never missing a chance to push herself forward, no-matter the consequences. Now she is on top of Haute Cuisin, running her restaurant Bachanal on an island of the coast of New England to perfection, and harbouring a wish to leave behind the competitiveness and dirty dog fights of her past. But it is one thing to teach yourself new tricks, it's quite another to get those around you to accept the change!

You will find plenty of drama in "Cooking on High" with murder, fierce competitors and wronged lovers, but when you clear the smoke, your eyes will soon catch up with someone small and blond... a small Fry. She is that little something that makes an ordinary sauce turn exceptional, she is what makes changes happen in everyday life - as in changing you view, as in messing with you mind, as in how your heart starts beating faster ... 

This is uber when it's at its best, the instant attraction between "tall and gorgeous" and "vertically challenged", is left to simmer on the stove whiles the ladies get acquainted through a bit of teamwork on an investigation into the murder of a local politician and of cause the daily battle in the kitchen and on the floors of the Bachanal. Do watch out, French knows how to throw her knifes and deliver sharp punches both physically and - of cause - vocally.

What I like the best about Creme Brulee's writing is the dialog - it's sharp and witty. Creme Brulee is an expert in bringing the storyline forward, giving you and insight to the characters and putting a smile on your face through the dialog between the protagonists - this is a great asset to the storyline.

If you get high on cooking fumes you might want to look up Damnation's "Burned Sugar" or Fingersmith's "Critical". Both stories sport a good looking chef ready to mix good food with a bit of romance and drama.

Creme Brulee's stories are posted on "The Celestial Buffet" but I'm sad to say that no new fic's by Creme Brulee have been added recently. Due to the quality of the writing I do wonder if this pen has published under a different pen name - does anyone know??

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