Sunday, April 17, 2011

Jumping the Fence or The winner of the toaster oven is ...

There is always a line somewhere in life that you can cross. Sometimes it's an imaginary line and sometimes it is almost a physical border, an obstacle like perhaps a fence that you have to work hard to climb or make a great effort to jump. Once you make the decision to cross the line, jump the fence or maybe just straddle it, you make a change in your life!

In LesFic "Jumping the Fence" is a spectator sport ! 

We all get to watch while a couple of straight girls explore a friendship that grows closer until the time when the girls cross the line from friends to girlfriends, and we get invited when the straight woman falls for her lesbian friend and decide to jump the fence hopping that SHE will be there to catch her.

And you know what ? SHE is most likely there - if not - don't worry we are just being introduced to an angsty phase in the storyline. SHE will be there eventually and we will get the "Living Happily Ever After" ending that we cherish!

You will find an amble amount of online stories exploring the theme of "Jumping the Fence", but let me introduce you to some favorites.

If you prefer a couple of mature women in the storyline - you could go to the countryside and look up the farmer Elise in "The Harvest". Elise will soon be exploring a friendship with Carolyn, a professor of Women's Lit. spending the summer at a farm nearby. It's a great romance that will keep you interested while Elise contemplates her feelings for Carolyn, the out lesbian with a history of "love gone wrong", and fights for a place in Carolyn's heart - brace yourself for some angst!

Should you prefer a humorous setting do try "Miss-Match" it's a blind date story with a build-in possibility for some jumping of a fence. It involves a woman approaching the magical age of 30, a Jewish matchmaker and a lesbian woman looking for someone to love and share her life. It's a great romance!

Sometimes you have to get out of your every day life to be able to see that there are more roads to travel in life than the one you have been following until now. Travelling from the US to Kenya to trek to the top of Kilimanjaro is such a journey for Mary Kate, who leaves her boyfriend behind to explore a dream. It could have been the thin air on the way to the Summit, but really it's Kristin that proves to put a strain on Mary Kate's heart while she takes "The Road from Kilimanjaro". Don't tell me you've missed out on this one ? You have ? Well then waste no more time.....

If you are looking for some heavy breathing to go with the fence jumping then look up "Unlimited Sexual Favors", it's the first story in a series of three that will give you a vivid picture of how Wilder persuade her friend Darcy that she should switch sides. It might "just" be erotica, but it romantic after all!

Do you know how the sport of "fence jumping for pregnant women" is viewed by the medical world? I was always told that an expecting mother should take care not to carry too heavy a load - at least when she gets close to term. Maybe she also ought to refrain from jumping a high fence?? In the world of LesFic you will find an amble amount of pregnant women jumping the fence - and the babies turn out quit all right ! So I guess that it really is safe, even for an expecting mother, to do a bit of physical exercise !

You will find several online LesFic's sporting an expecting mother who decides, that this is the right time in life to look closer at the allures of her lesbian friend. If you have a lot of time on your hand then do try "All That Matters". In this story we follow friends turn into lovers, and the “sharing of a house” kind of living together turning into a relationship.

You could also try "Noemi" - this time it's the out lesbian who makes the move on her pregnant friend, but it's in no way an unwanted one! And to cover the third and last angle on the fence jumping with a big belly - try "Strings Attached". In this story you will find two straight friends who finally realizes that they ought to jump the fence - together.

As you might have realized there are plenty of stories to choose from if you want to watch the sport of fence jumping. You can look up some of these stories at the Listmania page under the theme - "And the winner of the toaster oven is ..."  I'll be sure to add to the list in the future - it's a great spectator sport.

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