Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ramble - back to the Classics - Curious Wine in print by Bella Books

I don't know about you, but I'm old enough to have started out my career as a reader of romantic LesFic's in the universe of printed books! Perhaps that is why I have a bit of a soft spot for a publishing house that will keep the classic LesFic's in print ... not just in eBook "print", but real paper and ink kind of print!

You might say that print is outdated that it's much easier, cheaper, quicker or just overall more convenient with an eBook, but on the odd occasion when I find myself bedridden with a fever/cold its great relaxation to empty out that box of old favorite LesFic's and just dig in.

Bella Books is one of the largest publishing houses devoted to the publication of books written for and about lesbians. They have a good part of the well known LesFic writers in their catalog and they keep a number of classic LesFic's in print. 

One of the real classic LesFic's is Katherine V. Forrest's "Curious Wine" and Bella Books just announced that a reprint is coming out soon! Way to go Bella I'm sure many LesFic readers remember "Curious Wine" fondly and some mights even have lost or perhaps worn out their old copy ? If so this is a great opportunity to get a new one.

Curious Wine might be slightly outdated, but it's still a great romance and an enjoyable read. 

While we are on the subject of classic's in print, I'll just point you in the direction of a few LesFic's from Bella's catalog that I think qualifies as classics:
  • Lyn Denison - Gold Fever (a classic romance of a first love that never dies ***)
  • Linda Hill - Never say Never (a classic "jumping the fence" kind of romance, bumpy and touching ****)
  • Linda Hill - Class Reunion (you can probably guess the storyline - it's very well performed **)
  • Karin Kallmaker - Carpool (another jumping the fence kind of romance with a bit of drama **)
  • Karin Kallmaker - Wild Things (a mature romance that takes the time to tell a good story of a friendship that could develop into .... ****)
  • Clair McNab - Silent Heart (sorry fence jumping again - a too short, but sweet story **)
  • Diana Simmonds - Heart on Fire (hmm never knew I had a thing for fence jumping !! - again too short, but very sweet **)
And if I could ask Bella to reprint another favorite classic I would ask for Marian K. Martin's Love in the Balance **** (fence jumping again - do hop along, it will keep you agile ;-)

Should you have a history with "Curious Wine" do move on to Bella's Blog and share your story. You might win the book giveaway and get your hands on a fresh copy of "Curious Wine" - GOOD LUCK!

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  1. Ramble - back to the Classics - Curious Wine in print by Bella Books. Your Blog is so nice.