Friday, April 01, 2011

Annual Academy of Bards Valentine Special

Have you checked out the stories posted at the Academy's Valentine's Special 2011?

If not you might want to do a sample of the sweets on offer - several well known pens from the online Universe of fan fiction have chipped in this year.

Insane Englishwoman has put together a classic lesfic themed short story "Those Who Cannot See". If you find the theme appealing you can find it fully explored by LJ Maas in "None so Blind" an old favourite of mine.

If you can handle a story with tissue alert look up Lois Cloarec Hart's "Love is" - I must admit that I found it too sad to finish but well written and touching.

Kim Pritekel will serve you with a hot helping - as usual - I might say. "The One You're Looking for" is not the best work from her pen - from the long list of Kim's solo work I think that I would pick "Again" as my favourite, but then again it has been awhile since I have been through the long list of Pritekel fic's.

SX Meager delivers a long time couple, a tiny dog and a park ranger that might be both the last drop of water for the cup to run full or the first drink of a fresh cup - "The near occasion of sin" will promise a new beginning for those willing to give love a chance.

My favourite this year is Artemis Callaghan's "Would like to meet". Just like Pritekel, Callaghan explores the theme of dating sites or lonely hearts ads - but I prefer the slow romancing that we are treated to from Callaghan's pen - it's sweet, but hey it's Valentine's right? But beware I might be biased - I'm a Callaghan fan - so you better go make up your own mind.

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