Thursday, December 23, 2010

We read to know that we are not alone by CS Lewis

We read to pass time, to be entertained, to have a laugh or perhaps to see our life reflected so that we know, that we are not alone, at least for the short time we spend in the universe created by words.

Words can create a powerful universe, a universe that let us believe for just a moment that one plus one is two, no matter the gender of the pair. 

Even if the world at large no longer frown upon same-sex couples, words can create a universe where same-sex couples is not only accepted, but something ordinary, an everyday occurrence that wont earn even the bat of an eye. Lesfic or romance in general is just a fairytale, a land of make believe, somewhere to escape to for a little while to take a breather, to collect energy, get a good laugh, a warm heart and perhaps reason to believe that there is a lady out there waiting, just for you (well that's if you've found her yet).

Christmastime is the time for families to gather together. I guess that for those who have found that their families aren't quit willing to accept their lifestyle, it might also be a time when the need arise to immerse oneself in a "better" world. One such world can be created by words - at least for as long as it takes to turn over all the pages of a lesfic.

If you haven't got a good lesfic handy you can look in Listmania for a fic on your favourite topic or you can tag along when I walk through some of my favourite online romances in this blog. I guarantee that if you pick up one of my favourite fic's you'll be in good company , and - at least for a few hours - you'll know that you aren't the only one who prefers women.

If you have a lot of time on your hands and haven't had the opportunity to read Anik LeChave's "Campus" now is the time to do so. This is a work of high quality in the universe of uber fan fiction. The story takes place on a university campus in Germany among a broad cast of professors, lectures and Ph.D. students, and there are plenty of romance to go around. Even if some of the ladies have to fight their own inner demons to let love happen.

Should you find the need to escape frost and snow you could look up "The Harvest" by G.E.Birch - it's hot as in working dawn to dusk on a farm during summertime, and it's a sweet romance with just the right amount of obstacles for the ladies to overcome to get on the path towards LHEA.

Are you dreaming of travelling to places that not everyone gets to experience you could take a trek to the summit on Mt.Kilimanjaro with KG MacGregor. It's a great trip not just because of the view at the summit, but for the feel good romance as well.   

If you need a bit of a laugh and you don't mind your ladies a bit on the butch side you should take in a Larisa fic. I can recommend "The Phantom". I for one think that it's one of the best from this pen. "The Phantom" combines drama, fun and love in a great mixture that I fund quite captivating.

And should you be pining away at Christmas for your straight best friend take courage from Jaeygatsby's "Everything Personal". It's a sweet little tale that will let you believe that there might just be a chance of love. You could also take the longer journey from friends to lovers and LHEA with SX Meager's "All That Matters" it's a great romantic storyline with well fleshed out characters, or try to find the path to love with Mavis Applewater's "Finding My Way". All of these stories has hereto straight woman as one of the protagonists.

I know, I know I haven't mentioned any erotica .... yet can I expect you to keep warm at night if I leave out all the spice ? Well I think that you might find some entertainment in the fic's mentioned above, but if you need a suggestion for a good erotic read with a well put together romance, I'll point you in the direction of Vertigo's "Caution: Under Construction" and "Unlimited Sexual Favours" by MJ and Cephalgia - both sweet as well as spicy - a great combination.

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