Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Change in Season by Jlynn

What will you give me if I find you a good looking, charming, blond and female doorman in New York working the doors of one of the big corporate buildings that contains hordes of sharply dressed lawyers and their harried looking secretaries and paralegals?

Ok it’s Christmas time so I’ll give you Gwen for free - she is all of the above and a nice woman too, ready to lend Elen a hand and maybe more.

Elen is our stressed out paralegal, who is selling herself - and her dream of taking the bar exam - short, to keep on the good side of Edward, the partner she is working for at a prestigious law firm.

Seeing the state of Elen’s life I think that we have to get her out of her office and in touch with Gwen, I’m sure that she can put a smile on Elen’s face. As we are getting close to the Holiday season, I see no better way to instigate a meeting, than getting Elen out on a bit of Christmas shopping in her lunch break. If we are lucky Elen’s heels and the snowy weather will get the women acquainted! But if we wish for something beyond a mere acquaintance between Gwen and Elen, we'll need a white out and a foot of snow on Christmas Eve. As Christmas is coming soon I do think that there is a chance that our wishes will come through.

I liked the first half of the story the best - this is where you’ll get a great humorous dialoug and good flow in the storyline. The rest of the story is more average as the focus turns to sex and living happily ever after.

Christmas might not be the most favoured theme in the story, but I’ll say that the ladies never would have met or hook up if it wasn’t for Christmas - so I’ll tag this story for the Holiday season anyway.

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