Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Christmas Tree by JM Dragon aka Julie Dragon aka Dragonjuls

Warning - Warning .... if Christmas leaves you cold with frostbites in your toes please find your fiction elsewhere tonight as this review is dedicated to the upcoming Holidays!

If you need a bit of help to get in the right frame of mind for the upcoming Holidays maybe you should sit yourself down with a couple of seasonal fic’s and let the scent of cinnamon, clover and spruce guide you towards happy Holidays. Should the scent of Christmas in your part of the world be something completely different, you can alway’s enjoy the Holiday preparations, the gifts or perhaps just a romantic storyline.

Preparing for Christmas includes a number of traditions - the same each year and each one part of the anticipation and joy of Christmas (if you happen to like Christmas that is ;-)

Vanessa Jones is definitely looking forward to Christmas and to the family tradition of selling Christmas Trees from the Town Square to support a good cause. For the last five years she has volunteered to take the late shift looking to make sure that every one gets the tree that fits their celebration and ... keeping an eye out for her favourite customer (!), a beautiful woman with the reddest hair Vanessa has ever seen. Five years in a row the woman has come to buy her Christmas Trees from Vanessa’s lot, but this year time seems to be running out, maybe she won’t make it this year?

Nahh - Christmas is about waiting and wishing and sometimes your wishes will come true!

“Christmas Tree” is a short, sweet and well written story with the sole focus of creating a little romance for the holidays - so look, listen and learn .... good things come to those who wait.

Should you be more inclined towards the part of Christmas when you get to look in your stocking or under the Christmas tree for your gifts you might take a quick glance at “The Christmas Gift” form the pen of AnnieSE. This is humour rather than romance and it might give you cause to pause before you decide to “unwrap” just anything you consider a Christmas gift however much it looks like a gift for you.

If you are patient I’ll take you on a bit of Christmas shopping later this week .... if time permits ;-)

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